41 Best Interior Design Magazines To Inspire

Interior design magazines - The sources of design inspiration

Interior design magazines have been a source of inspiration for a hundred years. Whether they be glossy hard-covers or a short read at teatime, these magazines are filled with ideas, tips and tricks from coveted interior designers across the UK.

If you’re a first-time homeowner or a seasoned fixer-upper, interior design magazines are your best friend. With everything from which bedroom carpet to choose to unique tiles for your kitchen backsplash, DIY has never been easier than with an interior design magazine by your side.

In today’s article on uniquetiles.com, we’ll be listing the best interior design magazines in the UK. We’ve included some longtime favourites and some underrated gems, focusing on a variety of interior design styles. There’s something for everyone among these pages, so get reading and create your perfect home.

Britain’s oldest interior design magazine, Ideal Home, has been helping Britons turn their houses into havens of style since 1920. Showcasing the best parts of the Ideal Home Exhibitions to those who couldn’t attend, the magazine aimed to assist the emerging middle class in designing and decorating their new homes. Now, although the styles have evolved greatly since the roaring 20s, Ideal Home works toward the same aim as it always has.

Among the pages of Ideal Home, you’ll find everything from expert tips and practical solutions to the exact unique tiles used in celebrity homes. No decor is left out, including modern tech for the smart home and budgeting techniques for a great style that won’t break the bank.

Go back to basics with their guides to tones and textures, or keep your house running like clockwork with their post-decoration House Manual. A favourite among readers is Ideal Home’s ‘Real Homes’ feature, which showcases superbly stylish homes curated by this country’s everyday homeowners.

You can subscribe to Britain’s best-selling home and interior design magazine here. Be sure to take advantage of their spring savings, and you’ll get your first 12 issues for just £31.99.

Okay, we hear you, Architectural Digest isn’t a British magazine per se, but there’s nothing wrong with taking some inspiration from those interior design styles that are popular across the pond. Originally founded to celebrate California’s best architecture, AD was first published as a quarterly in 1920 to showcase the very best of stunning interior design.

Since then, the magazine has come to be subtitled the ‘The International Design Authority’, with features aimed at style-conscious readers worldwide. Featuring a wide variety of dreamy interior design styles, Architectural Digest’s issues place a focus on creating superlative interiors that prioritise personality and capitalise on timeless trends. But don’t let this fool you, as the AD it Yourself feature is packed full of practical techniques that you can implement in your own home.

They often hone in on a single piece of furniture, such as a 70s modular sofa, and how and why you should feature it in your design plans. Every issue ends with their ‘resources’ section, detailing exactly what furnishings and products were used, and the interior designers highlighted, so if you see something you like, you can get shopping.

If you’re UK based, you can subscribe to Architectural Digest through Newsstand. New issues are released monthly and cost around £10.

Country Homes & Interiors Magazine

First published in 1986, Country Homes & Interiors is the UK’s only interior design magazine dedicated solely to the classic country style that Britain is known for. With a focus on real homes and replicable style choices, Country Homes & Interiors is a great choice for anyone wanting to create their quintessentially British country home. Although the homes featured are sizeable and often stately properties, Country Homes & Interiors includes inspiration for homes of any size.

The magazine places a focus on artisanal furnishings, hand-crafted decorations and unique tiles, and interior design influence from through the ages. With a Shop of the Month feature, Country Homes & Interiors elevates the small business as the best of the interior designer’s toolkit and makes it easy for you to find classic country-style furnishings.

Preserving the history of a home and honouring its legacy are just as important as injecting a personal touch and modernising its style in Country Homes & Interiors. The homes featured are always coupled with an interview or piece from their owner detailing the choices they made and how you can avoid the challenges they faced. If country style is your favourite, Country Homes & Interiors is a must-buy.

You can subscribe to the magazine through magazine.co.uk

A relatively young addition to British interior design magazines, Livingetc was first published in 1998. Fittingly, it focuses on creating a modern interior style for the 21st-century homeowner. They not only focus on current trends but strive to set the next interior design trends, too, all at an incredibly affordable price point. So, if you want to be ahead of the game when it comes to your home’s style, Livingetc is the magazine for you.

Sifting through hundreds of furnishings and decor items every month, Livingetc showcases only what it considers to be the brightest and best options for your home. If you’re strapped for time and want to up your interior design game, Livingetc is packed full of photography and listicles featuring affordable classics and new trends.

Of course, they couldn’t be the magazine of modern interior style without a focus on smart home technology. Whether it’s fridges or lightbulbs, industrial-chic bathrooms or biophilic kitchens, Livingetc is a one-stop shop for all the contemporary interior design knowledge you could need.

To get the latest issue or subscribe to Livingetc, go here.

Livingetc Magazine
Your Home Magazine

5. Your Home

Another affordable interior design magazine, Your Home, focuses on combining the best of forward-thinking style with functionality. With the editor of Your Home, Melanie Sherwood, admitting that she suffered her first interior design disaster when she was just 12 years old, you can count on Your Home to guide you through all the steps to successful style. While the features in Your Home are great for new homeowners, they place a particular focus on revamping and renovating tired rooms with complete makeovers.

Real homes are at the centre of Your Home’s features, so if you love to take inspiration from those who have elevated their interior design without the help of professionals, this is the magazine for you. Every issue contains 3 real homes, complete with interviews with the owner and 4 room makeovers with all the ideas you need to get started.

Unlike other interior design magazines in the UK, Your Home also provides you with DIY tutorials for crafts and decorations to add to your home. On top of all that, they highlight expert advice for keeping your renovations within budget and even provide fun ideas for how to use your new and improved rooms, such as recipes and cleaning hacks.

If you’d like to subscribe to Your Home, you can do so here to get 12 issues for just £19.99

Another magazine that isn’t exactly British, it’s undeniable that since it was first published in 1896, House Beautiful has become a mainstay of shelter magazines across the globe. Being the oldest continually published interior design magazine; House Beautiful doesn’t focus on one style or type of homeowner.

It doesn’t matter if you’re dreaming of your future home or looking to hire the world’s best interior designer; House Beautiful has actionable tips for you to use. House Beautiful pays particular attention to creating original spaces, with help from stand-out pieces and small but powerful decorations. They often focus on rooms where it’s harder to inject your style, such as the kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor areas.

Unique Art Tiles and wallpaper are just the beginning, as House Beautiful loves to experiment with different patterns, textures and materials to beautify any home. Their tips are simple and easy to follow, filled with inspiration for complete renovations or just adding decoration to a room you already love.

You can subscribe to House Beautiful in the UK here to get 6 issues for only £9.99!

House Beautiful Magazine
HomeStyle Magazine

7. HomeStyle

Published by the same magazine house as Your Home, HomeStyle follows many of the same principles. If you’re looking for affordable ways to turn your house into the home of your dreams, HomeStyle has got you covered. This UK interior design magazine focuses more on shopping and style guides, tutorials, and home hacks than on building a room from the ground up, but is still full of inspiration and ideas to steal.

As well as showcasing real homes, HomeStyle includes an array of fresh trends to take advantage of, interviews with style insiders, and kitschy seasonal decorations to spruce up your rooms throughout the year. Not to mention, for anyone looking to give their home a timeless twist, HomeStyle prioritises up-cycling and breathing new life into beautiful vintage pieces.

While the high-street style reigns supreme in this magazine, with everything from rustic, maximalist and mid-century modern, HomeStyle doesn’t shy away from modern recommendations and tech to kit out your home with.

To subscribe to HomeStyle, you can visit this site and receive a 13 issues for £22.90

Going strong since 1986, The World of Interiors does exactly what it says on the tin. This stylish magazine showcases some of the most beautiful homes from around the world, highlighting the original and unusual in interior design.

While you might not be able to find the one-of-a-kind pieces found in the real homes in The World of Interiors, you’ll certainly be left with a wealth of ideas for how to achieve your dream style, no matter how unique it is. If you take inspiration from global design, The World of Interiors makes a habit of highlighting complete rooms in every style, from the Raj to the ranch. Eclectic yet cohesive interiors are the name of the game in this magazine, exhibiting expert advice and the homeowners’ journeys to their dream home.

While you won’t find as many actionable tips as in some of the more budget-friendly magazines, The World of Interiors is perfect to get your creative juices flowing. In particular, their 150,000 readers favour The World of Interior’s focus on antiques and traditional design choices made modern.

To subscribe to World of Interiors and take advantage of the first three issues for just £2.42, click here.

The World of Interiors Magazine
House & Garden magazine

Back in the world of traditional domestic design, House and Garden is the perfect place to find all of the advice you never knew you wanted. There are plenty of experts on hand tackling things such as choosing the right paint colour to creating clever storage in small spaces. There is so much on offer, and as the title suggests, the advice within relates to both your home and garden.

You get to see inside some amazing transformations of kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, as well as keep up-to-date on the latest trends in colours and styles. There is plenty on offer, from a full room revamp to just adding a splash of colour and modernising. The look of an existing design. Heading out into the garden, there are lots of articles to help you make the most of your green space. It doesn’t matter whether you have a tiny terrace or acres of grass. They have plenty of good ideas for creating lovely looks.

Finally, you will find some great recipe ideas, which use seasonal produce, and some amazing craft pages that talk you through revamping a chair to cooking with leftover pumpkin. The magazine is available from HOUSE & GARDEN website, and they offer various subscription prices.

An offshoot of the much-loved Elle Magazine, Elle Decoration is dedicated entirely to interior design. “Britain’s most stylish and sophisticated contemporary homes magazine,” Elle Decoration is all about taking ideas and inspiration from homes across the UK and turning them into stunning designs for your own rooms.

While Elle Decoration does dedicate many of its pages to designer decorations and high-end styles, their spreads are easy to replicate in your home. They cover everything from what’s hot in the world of interior design right now to forgotten styles that still have so much to offer to the trends of tomorrow and how you can make the most of them.

Celebrity and interior design expert features are a mainstay of Elle Decoration, as well as tips to declutter your home, updates from interior design conventions across the globe, and a whole host of interior styles made easy. As well as showcasing finished designs, Elle Decoration works to demystify sumptuous interior styles with guides on what to buy and how to buy it affordably and sustainably. With help from Elle Decoration, you’ll never want to leave home.

To subscribe to Elle Decoration, check out their site and subscription offers here.

Elle Decoration Magazine
25 Beautiful Homes Magazine

11. 25 Beautiful Homes

In every issue, the reader is transported into 25 unique homes. It shows a range of projects, from stunning bedroom upgrades to revamping showers and bathrooms. A myriad of pictures tells the story and shows you exactly how they have achieved each fantastic new look, right down to the finest details in each of the rooms. This popular magazine has been on Newsagent shelves since 1998, and since 2009 Deborah Barker has been the editor.

Each room is described in depth, with gorgeous living room and kitchen revivals. From the flooring to the décor, you can easily see what has been transformed. It is a great magazine for getting ideas for your own transformation projects, and it features rooms of all genres and inspirations from classic to modern and everything in between.

It’s super helpful because all prices are displayed meaning you can work out the perfect room upgrade without breaking the budget. So, if you’re looking to spice up your bedroom or French chic your living room, this could be the perfect magazine for you.

Getting you, a copy of 25, beautiful homes could not be easier, simply subscribe at magazine.co.uk which is currently running an offer of six issues for £24.50 which is a saving of £7 on the cover price.

‘She lives in a house, a very big house in the country!’ Country living always has something of an appeal, it seems idyllic and some of the most popular decorating trends have certainly taken their influence from farm kitchens and small holding living rooms. Country Living magazine is devoted to country life and includes not just the most amazing, decorating tips, but gardening, recipes, and rural crafts. If you are renovating an older building, the information is priceless, and they often feature stunning barns, conversions or older country cottages.

Country Living considers its primary audience, those who are already dwelling in the countryside, and covers such issues as staying safe while rambling on the moors, helping with various aspects of animal husbandry, and plenty more.

Readers also have the chance to learn some stunning crafts which can help you create the perfect décor for your room. However, don’t be put off if you live in the towns and cities, because there is still plenty of inspiration for bringing a little bit of the glorious countryside into any home, regardless of when it was built.

Magazine.co.uk is currently running a special offer of six issues for just £9.99, which saves you a whopping £40.36 on the cover price.

Country Living Magazine
Good Home Magazine

Whether you are looking for practical advice or stylish inspiration Good Homes Magazine brings you accessible home décor ideas that you can easily replicate. There are certainly a lot of home decorating magazines aimed at inspiring, interior, design ideas, and it can be hard to choose which to read. Good Homes magazine has plenty of content and an affordable subscription price. It’s a very simple format, showcasing readers’ homes so that everyone can find the perfect inspiration for their decorating plans.

There’s also some great advice on revamping older pieces of furniture rather than purchasing new ones, which is great for sustainability, but also means that you are creating a truly unique item that nobody else will ever have in their home. Who knows, you could be the next featured star in one of their fabulous articles. They also offer some great advice when it comes to undertaking a DIY job for the first time, so whether you are looking to change the interior design of your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or swimming pool, you will find plenty of inspiration here.

Good Homes magazine is currently on offer for £20 for six issues which saves you £10.60 on the normal cover price with magazine.co.uk.

If you are an avid watcher of the TV series grand designs, this is the magazine for you. Based on the popular show, the magazine helps you understand the latest trends and best practices in construction and architecture. So, if you are looking to upgrade your living space or even out in the form of building an extension, this is a great resource to have.

There is a section devoted to reducing the impact on the planet when it comes to the new build, as well as helping you maintain your well-being and sanity during a potentially stressful project. From small home improvements to giant projects that are going to need planning permission. There is plenty of information within the magazine to point you in the right direction.

Each issue brings you real case scenarios to help inspire your design solutions and also offers excellent advice for coming in on budget and not overspending. Grand Designs is available from magazine.co.uk, which often runs special offers which currently include free tickets to the Grand Designs live show for new subscribers of the magazine. To take advantage of the special offer, you need to subscribe for at least six issues at £29.

Grand Designs Magazine
Period Living Magazine

15. Period Living

Period Living is designed to appeal to readers who enjoy traditional and vintage interior design and want to create a replica look within their homes. It features plenty of gorgeous pictures of period homes to inspire you and get your creative ideas flowing. As well as looking at the inside of the home, there is also information on gardens and how to create a vintage look no matter what your budget.

It contains loads of advice for anyone looking to escape to the country and includes helpful hints when it comes to home projects, including restoring timber beams, choosing the right style of window, and getting the best from your outdoor furniture. No matter what room of the house you are hoping to renovate, if you are looking to do so with a nod to period living, then this is the perfect magazine for you.

Monthly they also feature historical figures and profiles as well as highlighting some of the amazing heritage days out that you can enjoy in the UK. Period Living is available from magazinesdirect.com with various subscription offers, including 12 issues for £99.99, which saves you £19.77 of the cover price.

Define anthology, UK is a highbrow offering that highlights the best of style, travel, art and architecture across Europe. The interior design articles feature high-class styling that might not suit everybody but offer some beautiful design ideas. They are likely to be quite expensive to replicate, but for some people, this could be just the inspiration they need to create the perfect dining room, bathroom or living area. If you have an interest in architecture or are looking for a completely different cutting-edge design for a new build, then you’ll find some gorgeous properties highlighted here.

There are lots of gorgeous images showcasing the designs they have chosen to shine a spotlight on, and these do tend to be minimalist and clean. From chic modern architecture to more traditional interior design ideas, there is certainly a lot on offer. Some of their choices are very urban and modern, whereas others helped to create a cosy and family feel to the room. The fact that the magazine is only produced three times a year gives plenty of time for the publication teen to focus on creating incredible content across many different interest areas.

Design Anthology UK is available from newsstand.co.uk at £10 per issue, with three issues published each year.

Design Anthology Magazine
Warehouse Home Magazine

Warehouse Home was born from the brilliant mind of Sophie Bush, who is an entrepreneur that happened to purchase a grade 2 listed apartment in a warehouse conversion in East London in 2014. The magazine focuses on warehouse conversions, vintage styling and plenty of tips and tricks for getting the most for your money.

The magazine is only produced twice a year but has a worldwide global audience, and to accompany the magazines, there is also a coffee table book. In each issue, you will be able to admire some of the most amazing homes that have been constructed using the shell of industrial buildings. There are some amazing ideas for repurposing and redesigning these unusual buildings. Exposed brickwork, factory windows and steel columns are often preserved, and you might think this is counterintuitive, but the magazine shows you exactly why it is a fantastic idea and how it can be done to create the most outstanding look.

The magazine has become self-styled as the authority on loft living with an industrial style and is available directly from its website. There are a few magazine subscription services carrying the magazine, but it is probably best to purchase this directly at mywarehousehome.com.

The magazine has been in print since 2006 and is an authority publication for those involved in commercial architecture or the design community. Looks at various cutting-edge workplaces and designs and includes plenty of inspiration from projects within the education, retail and hospitality industry. There are some outstanding photographs to give you a real sense of what has been achieved.

Each issue brings contributions from industry experts in the form of interviews, as well as all of the news from the design sector. Although primarily aimed at industry, there is no reason at all why domestic property owners cannot use the ideas to create a similar look and feel within their homes. Some truly, beautiful spaces are showcased. They also include topics such as home office spaces utilising garden rooms which could be beneficial in the current climate, where increasingly more and more people are working from home.

There are quite a lot of resources available online without needing to subscribe to the magazine, but if you prefer the feel of a paper copy, then print subscriptions are available from the website itself and include various articles that do not feature on the website and are specifically for subscribers only.

OnOffice Magazine
Mollie Magazine

If you are looking to redesign your home and happen to be incredibly crafty and want to create some of the most gorgeous design objects for yourself and Molly Makes is the magazine for you. It has been around for a couple of years now and has garnered a very impressive audience all over the world.

Each issue contains a wide range of amazing sewing and crafting projects that walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a gorgeous home. Décor items. You can learn new skills, including decoupage, punch, needle, cushions and much more. The magazine also contains a lot of information on how to upcycle and refurbish old pieces of furniture that would otherwise go to landfill. There are loads of amazing pictures to inspire you with your own creations.

You will certainly find plenty of ideas and inspiration to get your creative juices flowing so that you can design the most perfect bedroom, bathroom, or bespoke kitchen of your dreams. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any previous crafting experience, as the step-by-step guides make it really simple to follow. Molly Makes is available from newsstand.co.uk, and they have a range of subscription options for you to choose from.

As the name suggests, the projects in this magazine focus primarily on the trends and interior design of kitchens and bathrooms around the world. Whether you just enjoy seeing what other people have done to transform their spaces or are planning to revamp your own kitchen and bathroom. There is certainly plenty going on in each issue of this magazine, and you will enjoy every packed page.

From breakfast bars to kitchen islands, walking showers to wet rooms, there is so much going on that you cannot fail to be inspired. The photographs perfectly show off the gorgeous rooms and the content is written by experts who can advise you on stylish interiors, the latest trends, and much more. You’ll find plenty of hints and tips from decades in the industry to save you time and stress when undertaking your own renovation project.

You will also find exclusive competitions, designer collections, and a myriad of information to help you locate the perfect accessories or printed tiles for your new kitchen or bathroom space. Utopia Kitchen and Bathroom is available from pocketmags.com, where you are also able to purchase many of the back issues and catch up on anything that you may have missed.

Utopia Magazine
Wallpaper Magazine

Bringing you closer to the iconic design trends of various countries around the world, Wallpaper* magazine is designed to bring you interior design, architecture, contemporary lifestyle and fashion advice, and plenty of inspiration when it comes to creating the perfect space for your home. Each beautifully coloured page gives you a voyeuristic insight into the design choices of many different people around the world and is a beautiful coffee table-style magazine, but you will certainly want to keep every issue of.

Each issue contains a different focus; sometimes, they might look at homes across America and feature famous properties, including Lenny Steinberg’s minimalist Venice Beach home or perhaps a New York West Village Tavern that has a Shaker-inspired style. Other issues focus on the gorgeous interior design trends used in other countries, but whatever you are looking for, there is sure to be a myriad of inspirations on hand here. Gorgeous photographs bring to life the works of different designers and interior home experts, as well as those in fashion.

Wallpaper* is available from magazinesdirect.com, which has a range of subscription options and also many back issues so that you can catch up on anything you may have missed that could inspire you.

Dezeen is only available online, but it is an incredible resource for architecture, interior, design, and more, focusing on modern and innovative concepts. Not only do you, do you get to see some of the most inspiring architectural designs for homes of our time, but you also learn more about industrial architecture, including the new indoor tennis Centre roof at Wimbledon.

The magazine stays on top of current trends. For example, the new Barbie movie has inspired a whole pink-themed interior design wave that is taking over. One of the articles in a recent issue included a vast array of gorgeous pink and purple furniture that would suddenly not look out of place in Barbie’s home. It’s also stunning furniture that could grace many homes and create a fantastic look and feel.

There are plenty of fun, light-hearted articles as well as more serious news stories about architecture and design, including up-and-coming designers, as well as the award-winning companies and individuals who are hitting the headlines in the industry at the moment. The website is always available at dezeen.com, and there is no subscription requirement to access the content, so it’s well worth a look if you are in need of inspiration.

Dezine Magazine
Style at Home Magazine

Style at home is a down-to-earth magazine that helps the reader create the most gorgeous styles for their home but at an affordable price. If you are looking to renovate or revamp your home on a budget, then this is a great place to start. In each issue, you’ll find loads of practical advice, decorating ideas that are actually achievable for even beginner DIYers, inspiration from real homes, and plenty of shopping advice.

This proves that interior design does not need to cost the earth and that anyone can have a go and create a total dream look in any room of their home. There is so much advice that you’ll soon feel like an interior design professional as you go about upstyling your home without breaking the bank. There are plenty of pictures taken from other readers projects, which are really helpful in creating confidence and inspiring new ideas no matter what room of the house you want to improve.

Design on a budget is certainly popular at the moment with the spiralling costs of living, and this magazine offers great insights and helps you find the hidden tips and tricks that professionals don’t want you to know about. Style at home can be subscribed to magazinesdirect.com, which has a variety of different subscription options and often have special offers as well.

Although technically designed and developed for the hotel sector and professionals within the industry, there is such a great level of information within Sleeper magazine that it’s worth casting your eye if you are looking for design inspiration.

The photographs convey the sheer opulence of some of the most amazing hotels in the world, and although many of us would not have the budget to recreate these exactly, the ideas give you food for thought and something to work on. In each issue, they showcase things like new hotels opening, renovations, and the latest in-room décor, including mattresses, soft furnishings, and more. There are reviews of products, so you know exactly what you are getting and plenty of inspiration from gorgeous designers who have come up with some incredible rooms for hotels and guesthouses all over the world.

Not only will it give you inspiration for your own interior design journey, but it opens the doors to the world of high-end hotels and creates a wanderlust that will last a lifetime. See some of the most beautiful hotel rooms in the world and then plan how you can possibly get to them. The magazine is available from the website as a printed copy, and there are also online features that do not require a subscription.

sleeper magazine
MilK Decoration magazine

The magazine is originally published and written in France but provides an English translation copy, making it accessible to everyone. It’s designed to be a home living magazine with a high-end slant. You can find plenty of inspiration from design experts, enthusiasts and contemporary overnight when it comes to transforming and decorating your home.

You can keep up to date on the latest interior design trends and even pinch them for your own home. You can create a work of art within your home using the many ideas and themes offered by this fantastic magazine. In each issue, you will find plenty of interviews, as well as open house articles where other families share their design transformations. It’s a global magazine, so that these families could be in the UK, Sweden, or anywhere around the world. It’s all about creating the perfect nest for you and your family, and there are certainly loads of ideas on offer here.

The magazine is on various news outlets and gives you inspiration and knowledge, as well as the ability to transform your home into a perfect sanctuary where you will feel completely content and secure. Now is the time to create the home of your dreams.

26. Sussex Prestige

Sussex Prestige magazine is aimed at those who live in Sussex and the surrounding areas that have amassed a following of over 36,000 readers. It contains a lot of information about creating a luxury interior for your home, Real Estate, tips, and how to take part in the high-end life close to the Royals of England.

Each issue brings a new focus and includes culture, arts, events, Food & Drink and fashion. It is packed with hints and tips for fine dining, creating the perfect farmhouse vibe, and even hygge huts for glamping. It’s all about living life in luxury and enjoying the finer things in life. But don’t worry if you can’t afford the prices shown on the page; the inspiration you discover will lead you to find High Street bargains that replicate the look and feel, allowing you to bring a little Sussex styling to your home.

From time to time, they also have special additions. Recently a Jubilee special hit the shelves and featured a gorgeous 32-page supplement. Sussex Prestige is available in many different magazine outlets and can be purchased online if you prefer; newsquest.co.uk has some back issues available, which is perfect for catching up.

Prestige Magazine
Essential Kitchen bathroom Bedroom Magazine

As the name suggests, Essentials Kitchen Bathroom and Bedroom focuses on these three rooms of the house and offers interior design and architecture advice. It has become one of the most trusted sources within the industry and has many expert writers providing lots of advice and opinion. It’s a must-have if you are planning to redo your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom any time soon.

Each section of the magazine is split into the room of choice and provides gorgeous images for inspiration from other amazing projects that have taken place. It provides real-life projects that help you collate your ideas and visualise them into a finished room experience. Helpfully the magazine also includes prices, including the overall expenditure of the room, meaning you can have a better idea of the cost. You will need to recreate a similar theme.

No matter what style you are looking for, they cover everything from contemporary to rustic and everything in between. There are plenty of fixtures and fittings showcased and helpful links to purchase them. Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom is available in many different retail outlets, including uniquemagazines.co.uk, where you can also purchase back issues in case you have missed something you needed to see.

Although aimed at the UK commercial interior market, this magazine is a fascinating read that offers a wealth of information about hospitality, education, workplace and healthcare interior design. They describe themselves as a multi-media platform because they offer an online website featuring articles available to readers who do not have a subscription but also send out printed copies of the magazine with extra content to those who have subscribed.

Gorgeous photos offered showcase some of the most impressive workspaces that have been created by famous designers. It could help inspire your own transformation project, whether you are creating a workspace or just a domestic room. Articles focus on various issues, including Coworking spaces, where they showcase some of the best they have seen or total refurbishments of properties restored to their former glory.

You will also find various interviews with industry experts who can help provide such information as how to get a foot in the door in a specific area of the field or why they consider specific materials to be important in the global journey to sustainability. Overall, it is a fascinating read, packed with loads of information and plenty of beautiful photographs. You can subscribe to the magazine from their website, mixinteriors.com.

Mix Interiors magazine
In Her Studio mgazine

A contemporary magazine written by architects offering advice and reports on various topics related to the urban condition. It has loads of great pictures and can be used as a source of inspiration for anyone looking to revamp or renovate a home or single room. It is another mixed media offering that has a website as well as a printed copy of the magazine available to purchase.

There are lots of fascinating articles that will appeal to a wide range of people, no matter what their interests. So, if you are looking for something different that might also help with your creative planning, this magazine is certainly well worth a look. Although you may not find room inspiration as such, the ideas and modern architecture that they showcase could light a spark of creativity and help you decide in what direction you want to take your room renovations.

Plenty of thought has gone into the articles, and the images that accompany them are well worth a look and allow you to have an insight into the world of architecture and learn all about the different styles and techniques that are being used, and you can follow the trends of today.

If you are planning to redecorate or revamp your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen tile then this is certainly the magazine for you. Based in the UK, it is packed full of amazing ideas for these three important rooms within your home. It caters to all budgets and showcases some of the latest and greatest products. You can also have a look inside other people’s homes and see what they have been able to achieve.

With expert writers, who understand interior design, you will soon find all the fittings, fixtures and furnishings you need to create a utopian bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen within your home. Seeing how other people have tackled the spaces, it’s really inspiring, no matter what style you choose. The magazine has loads of inspiration, whether you are looking to create a rustic shaker, style kitchen, an accessible, disabled, friendly bathroom, or a restful bedroom where you can get away from the noise of the rest of the family.

Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms are available to purchase from most leading newsagent stores and can be purchased online. You can also get your hands on back issues if you think there is something that you have missed.

Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms (KBB) magazine
Homes & Interiors Scotland magazine

Homes & Interiors Scotland is a magazine celebrating the best in Scottish homes and interiors. Each issue features stunning photography of beautifully designed homes and interviews with leading designers and architects.

The magazine offers practical advice, from choosing the right paint colour to creating a stylish outdoor space.
Homes & Interiors Scotland is published six times per year by Peebles Media. The magazine is available in print and digital formats. A subscription to the magazine gives readers access to exclusive content, including behind-the-scenes tours of some of Scotland’s most impressive homes.

The magazine’s target audience is homeowners, interior designers, and architects. Homes & Interiors Scotland is a valuable resource for anyone passionate about beautiful homes and interiors.

Based in the UK, Build It magazine is specifically designed for people who are hoping to self-build a home that they have designed. It also caters to those who are undertaking major renovation works or big remodelling projects. In every issue, you’ll find loads of advice, so whether you are just at the dreaming stage or ready to lay the first brick, there is plenty of advice and inspiration to get you started.

You’ll find plenty of really helpful advice on complex topics, such as architectural design, planning permission, project management, staying on budget, the types of construction materials you need, as well as how to build your house with an eye on sustainability. Within the magazine, you get to have a look at other people’s real-life experiences, including some really lovely images that will help you visualise your own project. There are also expert opinions and reviews of products to give you all the information you need to build your own home.

You can pick up your copy of build it magazine at any newsagent or subscribe to an annual delivery of 12 magazines each year. It can be found online.

Build It Magazine
Good Housekeeping magazine

Perhaps the matriarch of UK magazines, good housekeeping is a long-standing, internationally recognised publication that looks at many different aspects of running a household. It covers a myriad of topics, including home, design, decorating, health, advice, diet, recipes, personal anecdotes, and consumer product reviews. It uses the Good Housekeeping Institute to test products vigorously to ensure that they meet safety, design, and efficiency markers as well as pass the performance test.

It’s like having an older, more experienced friend by your side when you are trying to make decisions on how to decorate best and run your home. You will also find plenty of advice when it comes to fashion and beauty, and the writers are experts within their own industry. It is a popular magazine with a very large readership and has stood the test of time, never going out of fashion.

It is a delightful read, and each issue is packed full of reader’s photographs and other inspiration to help you find the perfect décor for whatever room you are planning to redecorate next. Good Housekeeping magazine is available from every leading newsagent, and you can sign up online for a 12-month subscription.

Based in the UK, Homes and Antiques magazine is a perfect balance of home, décor meeting antique styling. It is aimed at those individuals who really love vintage and classic looks and who are hoping to be able to successfully incorporate some stunning antiques into their more contemporary living style.

In each issue, you will find plenty of stories that include expert advice on how to recognise, invest and collect antiques, whether you are looking for furniture or artwork. You will also find pieces of interior design inspiration that will help you effectively locate your vintage pieces and make them work within the walls of a more modern home. The magazine is beautifully presented, and you get the chance to step into the pages of other people’s homes on some of their fantastic house tours. They also provide decorating tips for novice DIY buffs as well as more in-depth articles that discuss the history and fascinating stories behind how certain things came to be classed as antiques.

This is a really valuable magazine for anyone who enjoys the vintage elegance element of antiques and is available to buy from all leading magazine retailers or can be subscribed to online

Homes & Antiques magazine

As you might expect, the English Home magazine is based in the UK, and it captures the essence of English interior style and design. In each issue, you will be able to enjoy elegant, timeless and classic interiors. It’s all about the quintessential English charm and celebrating that within modern designs. Whether they are focusing on stylish townhouses, quaint cottages or stately homes, they have a range of properties for you to look at and get inspiration from. They provide expert insights into how traditional English living came about and how you can recreate that classic look within your own home.

You will find plenty of advice on colours, fabrics, furniture and antiques, and they do tend to focus on quality and high craftsmanship. Other articles within the magazine step away from interior design and instead look at gardening, lifestyle, and the culture within quintessential English life. It offers a stunning perspective on everything it is to be English. If you’re looking to incorporate traditional English styling into your next renovation or redecoration project, then this is certainly the magazine for you.

The English home magazine is available to purchase from leading newsagents and is available as an online subscription from magazine.co.uk for £44.95 for 12 issues.

The UK has a great range of home, grown magazines designed for those looking to renovate and build their own home. Homebuilding and Renovating magazine is no exception and has plenty of valuable insights for those who are going to be building, converting or renovating a home any time soon. 

You will find plenty of articles written by industry experts that help you with things like planning permission, construction techniques, maintaining your budget, design ideas, and finding the perfect materials for the job. It also has a nice focus, without being preachy, on the benefits of sustainable building practices as well as the more modern side of home technology. You can also take advantage of other people’s hard work as each issue features real-life case studies that go well into depth about how people achieved their own renovation or home build.

There are plenty of advice columns, solving common problems, and reviews of the most used products. The magazine is an invaluable resource for those who are building their first home or even more experience renovators who need a little fresh input. You can purchase the magazine at most of the leading newsagents or online.

Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine
Woman Home Magazine

Women & Home target their primary audience as women over 40 who enjoy many interests and have aspirations in the modern world. It focuses on a range of topics, some of which include home, décor, as well as recipes, relationships, advice, health, beauty and fashion tips. The home-based articles have a great focus on interior design, tips and tricks for decluttering and organising, as well as practical advice and seasonal decorating ideas.

Each issue is packed full of engaging content, and the aim is to inspire and empower the readers to live fulfilled and confident lives. When it comes to home decorating, you will find loads of articles that allow you to sneak a peek inside the home of others and see what they have achieved. This can help generate some new ideas for your home, and they also review products that have been used, so you can get a look and feel before committing to any spending.

They also understand how busy life can be at this age of life and provide nutritious and different recipes for you to try, look at flattering hairstyles and new ideas for make-up, as well as skincare for the older woman. Women & Home can be purchased in most newsagents and is available online from magazinesdirect.com for £29 for six issues.

This premium UK publication showcases period interior designs, replication projects and heritage. The magazine focuses on interior design ideas and decorating tips that celebrate and preserve the character and charm of historic and traditional properties. No matter whether you are redecorating or relocating and need some design advice, this magazine has everything you could possibly want at your fingertips. You also get to go through the keyhole and nose around at many of the most beautiful homes in the world, including some with fascinating history.

There are plenty of real-life examples of some stunning interior design works and helpful hints on how to achieve a similar look in your space. From Georgian townhouses and Victorian terraces to country cottages, Period Ideas covers a range of classic British architectural styles. Readers can find advice on choosing period-appropriate furnishings, wallpapers, fabrics, and accessories, as well as tips on restoration and renovation to maintain the authenticity of period properties.

You can get your hands on the magazine on their website or from many online magazine retailers. Period Ideas Magazine is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to embrace elegance and history.

Period Ideas magazine
coast magazine

Did you know that if you live in the UK, you are never more than two hours from the gorgeous British coastline? This UK-based publication focuses on and celebrates everything about coastal living. It isn’t exclusively based on interior design, but it does have some fantastic articles that focus on coastal-styled interiors as well as interesting home décor that capture the essence of the sea.

The seaside aesthetic remains very popular, and you can have a nose around people’s homes where they have used elements with a nautical theme. Some of the best beach-inspired décor and how other people are using natural materials to create a perfect living space. Also, within the magazine, you will find plenty of articles, including postal, destination, travel guides, eating out at the beach, outdoor activities, and environmental issues related to the coastline. If you are looking to create a seaside-inspired bathroom or just want to bring elements of a childhood spent by the sea into your home, this could be the perfect magazine for you.

Coast magazine is available from most leading newsagents and also online as a subscription from magazine.co.uk. They have various offers on the site at the moment, including six trial issues for £15.

If you want your home to use up-to-date and modern styling, then Modern Home could be the perfect magazine to inspire your décor choices. Over the many glossy pages, you will see amazing images of contemporary homes designed to inspire and delight you when it comes to making choices about decorating your own home. In each issue, they showcase the most inspirational homes and highlight all the aspects that make them so amazing and unique. They look at all modern design trends, including bold colours, Scandi minimalism, or muted tones. Your home is your castle, and it’s important that you create a look and feel that leaves you happy and content every time you walk through the door.

The articles include interviews with homeowners and with interior expert designers, who will help you understand what it takes to achieve such amazing interiors within your own house. Some of the rooms have simply been redecorated, whereas others have been renovated and walls have been taken down or moved to help create the dream look. Any possible option is considered, and they also review some of the furnishings and accessories, giving you insider information about where to purchase them.

Modern Home is available to purchase as a subscription from magazinesdirect.com

Modern Home magazine
Homes & Gardens Magazine

Last but by no means least, Homes & Gardens is a longtime favourite UK interior design magazine. Homes & Gardens was the UK’s first home interest magazine, and for just over a century, they’ve been bringing us inspiration for our interiors with delightful personal stories to boot.

At their core, Homes & Gardens values elegance and sophistication, with interior and exterior styles that can beat the ever-changing trends. Their issues are usually filled with advice from expert designers, helping you to avoid common mistakes, ditch outdated trends, and take advantage of easy DIY opportunities. Whether you’re wondering what unique tiles to place in your shower or how to install a hummingbird feeder, Homes & Gardens has all the information you need and more.

With a big focus on smaller spaces and how to get the most from your home, Homes & Gardens is the perfect interior design magazine, no matter where you live, or what your budget is. They also love to pair styles with pop-culture moments and other lifestyle advice, making this the best interior design magazine for an eclectic and functional home.

To get Homes & Gardens delivered to your door every month, check out their subscription opportunities here.

Do you take inspiration from interior design magazines? At Unique Tiles, we’re always on the hunt for the latest and greatest interior design magazines. And there you have it, eleven of the best interior design magazines for UK readers. Let us know which is your favourite, especially if it didn’t appear on this list. All that’s left to do now is wish you good luck with your interior design!


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