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Bathroom Tiles For Personalised Decor

Choosing Bathroom Tiles for your home is a big decision. There are many ways to come up with ideas for the perfect tiles to complement your home style and personal likes, but in many cases finding exactly what you want can be tricky. That's where we come in, UniqueTiles delivers custom printed wall tiles for every area of your home. One of the most challenging parts of selecting the perfect bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles is trying to find what you want among the pre-designed selections provided by other companies. At UniqueTiles, the opposite is true, you tell us what you want or envision, and we bring that design to you printed on the highest quality, kiln-fired porcelain tiles with a high-quality finish for best durability.
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Now that the world is your oyster, you might be wondering where to start? One of the best placed to find inspirations and ideas for bathroom tiles and decor is in design magazines and books. Looking at bathrooms that have been professionally designed can help give you an idea of what you like or don’t like, and help cement a colour scheme or theme. Some of the most loved bathroom colour schemes are tranquil nature-based themes, like sand and sea, woodlands or stark white.

With the limitless possibilities, we offer you can help you create the tranquil bathroom oasis of your dreams, regardless of your preferred style, colour or look. Look for artwork, prints, or photos for inspiration for your custom tiled mural piece.

If you love modern contemporary bathroom tiles, with clean lines and stark white fixtures, subway tiles might be the perfect choice for you. The clean lines give the feeling of symmetry and clean, modern design to your bathroom walls. Give your room even more personality with bathroom tiles, printed with your favourite art piece or pictures, and you can create a space as unique as you.

Traditional design is another well-loved bathroom design style, and stunning unique tile work is the backbone of this traditional bathroom look. Bring your vision to life with custom tiled murals, created specifically to suit your needs. Adding a custom print to your bathroom tiles will add character and can help bring the room together.

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Homes with a rustic, country or an old world feel can benefit from custom tiles. Because finding tiles that have the old world look, with modern durability is difficult, UniqueTiles take care of that for you. With UniqueTiles you can create a beautiful antique mural tile piece, with monochromatic or muted tones and transport your room into another century, a more romantic time.

There is no limit to what you can create. If you want it, we can make it a reality, that is the beauty of custom printed tiles. You can have full control over every aspect of your design, from start to finish. No need to modify your colour scheme based on what tiles you can find, instead we modify the tiles to meet your needs.

Custom bathroom tiles are an excellent way to make your bathroom a unique and tranquil room, perfectly designed to your tastes. Ocean views, woodlands, lakefronts and modern art pieces can all add a unique and timeless feel to the room and make your bathroom a place to be proud of. Create the view you always wish you had, and bath is overlooking your favourite beach, lakefront, nature scene or art piece.

Sending in your choice of image is simple, simply email the image you like or send in the picture, and we will scan and return the original. All you have to do is decide on the picture you would like or several pictures, and we will do the rest, creating a beautiful custom tiled mural for your bathroom.

Decorating your bathroom can be fun, and at UniqueTiles we provide one more option to help you create the area of your dreams with custom printed murals for your bathroom, kitchen or other home areas. Simply select the picture or image you would like and let us do the rest and create a tiled work of art you can enjoy for decades to come.

Easy Tips On How To Tile A Bathroom

If you have recently looked in your bathroom and realised that your tile floor is looking dull and discoloured, you might want to consider replacing those tiles at some point in time. Even if you have prior experience with tiling, you might hesitate on this type of project because it does take a few days to complete. Other people may not know what to do and might feel more comfortable hiring a professional. Unfortunately, this type of project can cost a significant amount of money, not including the cost of the tiles and material to lay them out. It might be more cost-effective to learn how to tile a bathroom on your own, a skill that will save you a substantial sum of money on this type of project. Let’s now look at five easy steps that you can follow to learn how to tile a bathroom in your spare time.

Measuring Your Bathroom And Tiles

The first thing that you will want to do is measure the dimensions of your bathroom. This includes measuring the square footage of the room, and also the size of the tiles. Once you have the measurements, you can calculate how much it will cost to purchase the tiles that you need. This can be relatively inexpensive, depending upon the material that you use. You can choose to use something that is inexpensive such as vinyl, or you can purchase ceramic or porcelain tiles to make your bathroom standout truly. Some people will even use custom tiles with graphics designed to their specifications to give their bathroom a very unique appearance.

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Purchase Your Tile And Related Products

A trip to your local home improvement store will allow you to get everything that you will need. This will include the tiles, mortar, grout and a sealant. You will also need to get an assortment of tools and supplies including tile spacers, a tile cutter or wet saw, measuring tape, a level, a square, a blue chalk line, a trowel, measuring tape, kneepads, and a couple of large buckets with a sponge. Once you have everything ready, it’s time to tile your bathroom.

After removing your existing tile, and sweeping up the remaining debris, you will want to lay the foundation for your new tile floor by adding a thin coat of mortar. After you let this dry, you will want to use the measuring tape and the chalk line to create reference lines so that your tile will be evenly placed. If you are cutting your own tile, make sure that each one is cut identically, or it could cause problems as you go along.

Using another bucket of mortar, start with one row, carefully spreading the mortar so as not to cover your chalk lines. Lay the tile on top of the mortar, pressing down hard, making sure that it is set into place. Continue to do this process, moving backwards toward the door. Be sure to insert the tile spacers in between each tile so that the grout can be added at the end.

After waiting a couple of days for your tile to cement into place, you can remove the tile spacers and add the grout. Mixing the grout into a bucket, carefully add it between the tiles, and allow the grout to dry for at least a day. Be sure to wipe off any excess grout as you were going along with your sponge to ensure a completely level appearance. Once dry, add the sealant to the grout, and the entire process is complete. These simple tips on how to tile a bathroom should give you enough information to do a simple project like this on your own. As long as you can acquire all of the tiles, tools and supplies that are necessary, you should be able to complete this job in three or four days.

Tiles play a crucial role in the design of any bathroom; it is possible for an individual to use an ordinary tile pattern shower tiles while others may decide to use shower tiles that have different patterns to beautify the bathroom. There are various kinds of shower tiles which can be incorporated to give a fantastic look to the bathroom. One of the exciting things about the shower tiles is that it can be used with several designs and creativity. Nowadays, the shower tiles have become trending in various bathroom design because of its luxury as well as comfortable look. Well-planned shower tiles will add splendour to your bathroom.

One of the essential factors to be considered during the planning of shower tiles is safety. Thus while considering the shower, you need to ensure that the tiles which are used on the base of the shower are safe to walk whenever they are dry or wet. You can likewise use materials such as textured tiles or natural textured stone for the base of your shower. Whenever you want to select tile ideas, several colours and prints which are made from modern firing and glazing techniques will come across your mind. You can pick from this wide range of colours depending on your choice and based on the overall ambience of the bathroom. You can also make use of multiple coloured tiles to make your bathroom look vibrant and accommodating.

Aside from the different colours which can be used to beautify the appearance of the bathroom, the shower tiles are also available in different shapes such as triangle, diamond, rectangle etc. these tiles can be selected to make your bathroom look interesting and unique. The shower tiles can also be manufactured in unusual shapes such as hearts, leaves as well as natural stones which can be used for the entire stall or the accents only. In addition to the available forms, shower tiles can also be customised depending on your design and choice of the bath because you can quickly cut these tiles into any shape so as to fit the plan of the design. You can make use of different textures, shapes, colours of tiles to make your bathroom look unique. For a sparkling glass and metallic tiles, a neutral stone tile is perfect for the background. However, if you desire a modern graphic look, a combination of square and rectangular tiles can be used. Thus there is no limitation in the design and idea for your shower tiles, all you need to do is use your creativity and imagination to select the one that you desire.

The installation of shower tiles can be very time consuming but the rewards are worth the effort.

The first step to take is to buy some adhesives for the installation project; look out for water-resistant mastic. It is, however, crucial to note that the mastic dries at a faster rate and it should not be spread on a large surface, this is because some section will be dried before you finish tiling other parts. The mastic should remain wet enough for use for about a half hour, so ensure you apply it to what you can tile within 30 minutes.

After the application of the mastic on the area, turn the trowel to the notched side and then run it at an angle of 45 degrees. This is to ensure you create a wide groove, and ensure you do not obstruct the working line during the process.

Now you can start the installation of the shower tiles, but it is crucial for you to find horizontal and vertical working lines. Set your first tile along one side of them and gently twisting with the aid of your hand. It is essential for you to turn rather than sliding the tile into place so as not to move excess adhesive. The next step is to ensure the shower tiles are firmly seated on your batten if you are making use of one. Line up the edge of the shower tiles along the horizontal line. You should make use of small shims under the shower tiles along the lip of the tub to secure the tile accurately along the line.

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