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If you are redecorating your home, consider using bespoke tiles for walls and floors. Crafted by artisans, Unique Tile UK hands the artist’s role to the customer. You design, we produce, and the result is stunning ceramic tiles ready to go.
Some of our customers are putting a unique stamp on a new build. Others are renovating a listed building. The only limit to the design is your imagination. We’re here to bring your ideas to life. At the same time, you get on with showcasing your personality in the decoration of your home.
Tiles can take centre stage and draw focus. Or they can have a supporting role in your concept. You can transform any room of your house and create a stunning space.
We have made the process simple. Your design can be a mixture of pictures and plain tiles inspired by anything you love. Do you want a traditional dining area with images of food and drink? Are your tastes more modern? Do you want something unique with a selection of your favourite patterns, graphics or encaustic artwork? 
You take on the role of the interior designer. We are here to support you! No matter what fantastic idea you have in mind.
  • The perfect walk-in shower room
  • A splashback or heat protection over the cooker
  • Revive an ageing space
Our team develop your ideas and concepts, turning them into an installation of stunning tiles. Delivered to your door ready to complete your project.
Tiles mural behinde aga cooker

Bespoke Kitchen Tile Ideas

Kitchens are very often the hub of the home. Some are country-style; others have a more traditional set-up. Your tiling choices should reflect the design you want to portray. Create a splashback that is suitable around the sink or heat protection by the hob and oven. Either way, it is an aesthetically pleasing element that draws the eye.
Our range of shapes and sizes means that you can blend your favourite views into the style of your room, whether you’re sleek and stunningly decor, with clean lines or something more traditional with arches, mouldings, and raised panel cabinets.

How can these design elements fit with bespoke tiles? 

If you have a separate room, you can decorate it in any colour and truly unique tile design you wish. If there is an open floor plan and shared space with another room, it’s best to create stylish elements that blend.
Consider a scheme that complements your living room or dining area when it comes to colours. The goal is to use bespoke tiles as a blend between kitchen and living areas.
Country kitchens bring the past to life. Featuring elements of old farming life with furniture styles cabinets. Harking back to the era of larders and dressers. They use neutral colours, such as green, brown and beige, that reflect nature. 
If this is not to your liking, that is ok. Consider classic white with soft accents in primary colours. Red, grey and yellow all work well.
Open shelves are another feature of country kitchens. They create an illusion of space that is practical but adds a gorgeous decorative aspect. In a traditional look, you would expect low delft splashback. It follows the countertop around the room. This would pair well with matching decorative customised beautiful tiles above your cooker.
fruits and vegetables tiles
Modern kitchens offer practicality and simplicity. They boast functional, sleek appliances and hardware for cabinets and drawers.
Steel, chrome, concrete, and natural elements are also part of the modern kitchen’s theme. Some may include an open floor plan connected to other spaces, such as the living or dining area.
Bespoke wall tiles are a great option and can easily be featured in contemporary projects. Mosaics or murals made from a wide range of tiles are used on the quality wall above the stove or incorporated into a neutral backsplash. Create a personalised mural, such as a garden scene, to cover the lower border of the splashback all around your room
You’ll first need to consider your kitchen’s layout, whether it’s one room or if it shares an open space with your living room or dining area.
The current trends for both wall and floo for kitchens include abundant colours and geometric and organic designs.

Create Bespoke Tiles for the Bathroom

Bespoke ceramic tiles are perfect to finish for bath, toilet, and wet room projects. No matter if you are starting from scratch or undertaking a renovation. With digitally printed tiles, you can make a stunning, luxurious space. It will add value to your home and create a beautiful sanctuary for you and your family.
Do you think of your bathroom space as practical for washing?
Why not create a haven to retreat to after a long day? No matter the budget, we are here to help you. Together, we achieve beauty with the highest quality bespoke ceramic tiling. Doesn’t that sound perfect?
bathroom wall bespoke tiles

Decorating Options with Bespoke Tiles

  • Patterned tiles like the swirly Mediterranean or Vintage art create an eye-catching tableau.
  • Mosaics and murals with intricate formulas provide visual interest.
  • Handmade shapes and custom look.
  • Geometric shapes, honeycomb or hexagonal floor patterns are popular.
If you’re unsure about what you want, look at interior design magazines for inspiration and recommendations. Go online and browse both Instagram and Pinterest. Both have many stunning images to gather ideas for tiling decoration, or simply contact us.
bespoke tiles bathroom

The Process

  1. Our designers work with you to create the room of your dreams, built with tiles made uniquely for you.
  2. Unique Tiles provides you with free consultations and free visualisation services.
  3. You can also request a sample tile to see your quality tiles actual concept.
  4. We take your image and room dimensions and ask you to specify where the design you want to be placed.
  5. From there, we use this information to visualise how your perfect finished bathroom will look.
  6. We’ll then send you the presentation as an email attachment. So, you’ll get to see the finished product before it even begins.
  7. With our bespoke tiles created just for you, we’ll work with you to bring your dream room to life in glorious technicolour.
  8. Our high quality tiles are easy to install—you can do it yourself or hire a professional tiler.
  9. We’ll send you a grid image of how the tiles should fit on completion.
  10. Each tile is numbered on the front; just find the tile on the grid and install it in the corresponding position.

Contact us Now for more information and to order your bespoke tiles!


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