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Custom Made Tiles – Reach For The Exceptional!

Searching for professionally crafted, high-quality tiles that are also affordable?
There are a few things to consider when it comes to finding the most beautiful kitchen tiles in the world. If you are planning to revamp an interior room, then it is worth the expense of involving professionals.
Here are UniqueTiles we have a wealth of experience in the industry. We know how important it is that the job is finished to the highest standards. Getting the best tiles is a combination of aesthetics and quality, so you end up with the perfect appearance. 
Tile collections should be durable as well as enhance the aesthetic of the room. So no matter what creative feel you are trying to achieve, we can help. Our range of custom tiles is perfectly placed for your project.

The Handmade Tiles Design Process

When it comes to designing your plan, the theme is important. Bespoke ceramic tiles offer a unique product that puts you in control. Perhaps you want to replicat the glory of the Tuscan countryside.

An Italian fresco effect would complement this and add to the room. Do you fancy bringing the Mediterranean into your home? An image that mimics the stunning blue Greek sea is a compatible choice. 

Tiles Made for Every Taste

If you are not sure what to pick, take a look at some of these example themes and custom printed wall tiles ideas. You may see your dream tile or find something to spark your imagination so you can develop your own.

French Country  

When your blueprint is French country-style, you can add a bit of flair by having a delft tile mural created. Something that depicts a country cottage or other elements that define the style. A blue watering can, or the lovely and ubiquitous wildflowers may also echo the vintage feel.

Shabby Chic Art

When creating a shabby chic kitchen, our customers want to reflect the feel. Shabby chic is iconic and beautiful, making an excellent choice. Imagine a cosy, overstuffed armchair surrounded by an aged and distressed bookcase. Overflowing, with well-loved and well-used volumes adding a sense of pleasant clutter. That is the epitome of the period.

Inspired by the Sea

If you live by the coast in the UK, matching the wonderful elements of the sea could be perfect. Hotels and guest houses often decorate in this style. Blue and white depicts clouds and the sea, with sandy beaches finishing the image. Coastal homes also tend to be smaller than city homes. Milky white tiles with simple blue designs give the illusion of more space.

Black and White or Colourful

Floor tiles are now printed using modern specially formed techniques. These methods allow us to add colour; for example, we may add brown or green for farm landscapes and wildlife. We should aim to keep colours subtle and blended. Every design is unique!
It’s easy to have a bespoke ceramic tile mural. Better materials lower reproduction costs so that more people can enjoy a mural. The best designs are great for turning single-tile designs into larger portraits. For example, consider a traditional farmhouse and windmill tableaux. A single tile offers little detail for the viewer. 
Self-designed tiles offer more scope for detail like flowers, people or other wildlife. They’re a statement piece – one that transforms your space.
You’re not limited to farmhouses and landscapes either. Why not try a floral design? Pick flowers that may have meaning to your family heritage or are local to your area. Large tile murals allow adding more realism and detail to your flowers.
Custom-made tile murals also work well as a crossover with other patterns. Moroccan geometric designs are beautiful in the style of Delft tiles, for example. They’re also adaptable to the modern household. Such pieces are wonderful, surrounding large claw bathtubs and bathroom mirrors for a complete aesthetic win.

Designing a Bathroom

When using custom design tiles to create a shower cabin or wet room, practicality is as important as unique design. Whether your solution is require porcelain or ceramic, it needs to be water resistant. This means the tile will not crack or fade when hit with hot water on a regular basis. 
At Unique Tiles, we care for your homes.  Our products are high quality giving you confidence in their stands. You also receive our guarantee and commitment for life.

Experienced Custom Tile Suppliers

The ability to do this comes from the company’s years of experience in the field. Clients get a proven team of professionals each step of the way. Whatever the assignment may be, Unique Tiles gets the job done and then some. We are experts in the industry, and we have proven feedback and customer satisfaction to back up our promises.

Quality Custom Made Ceramic Tiles

The finish of your home has to be in sync with your requirements. Therefore, if it is not, the finished product will look mediocre, and this is not what clients want to see.
Generally, our ethos is about making sure the results are not oy appealing but durable. If the kitchen tiles do not last, the chances of the client being happy are slim to none. This is why Unique Tiles uses the finest materials to get the job done. Clients deserve the best, and we aim to produce products you will love.

Kitchen Tile Ideas

Are you looking for specific ideas to get the job done? There are several ways you can use to get exactly the right appeal. Whether you are in a business or domestic setting, each kitchen has its own shape and style, and this has to factor into the design. Do you want to create a more nature-like atmosphere? Do you want to go with a more elegant, solid-coloured approach instead? These are all factors that have to factor into your creative choices. 
We manufacturing products using the best quality porcelain or ceramic tiles; the company motto is:
“If you can imagine it, we can recreate it.”
You might want an entire wall of porcelain tiles that portray a Tahitian sunrise. You may also want the view from the top of the Matterhorn. If that is what you desire, that is what you will have. Do you want a scene that portrays a Hawaiian beach, or would a Texas cattle ranch be more to your liking? Rather than rely on the common designs in stores, let your imagination run wild and make a statement.

Custom Tiles Manufacturing

We offer innovative custom ceramic tile printing service. Tiles are made with porcelain or ceramic clay for walls or floors. We fire them in a kiln to an exact temperature, then layer them with the pattern that you have selected. Then, we glaze by hand with an expected lifespan of over two decades. These tiles are perfect as a wall decoration for any room, such as a splash wall in a wet room. 
We offer tiles in custom size tiles to meet the specifications of your space. The tiles are as easy to care for as any other tiles. You can clean them with any household cleaner that you would use in your kitchen. Custom-made ceramic tiles have been a decorative force for centuries. They often appear with Roman architecture and other countries that border the Mediterranean. Portugal, for example, has seen acclaim for its azulejos tiles.
If you have a picture or an image on your computer, we can scan it. Once we do that, we can translate it to the wall photo that makes up the final image.
We number each tile on the back for precise installation and ship worldwide.  We are very experienced in packing the tiles to ensure that they will not break or crack. We don’t install the tiles, but you can fit them yourself or use a professional installation service.
If you are not a resident of the UK, we still deliver. Simply email an image of the wall area and its dimensions to us. If you would like to see an actual tile to help you choose, sample tiles can be sent. Please feel free to browse our gallery for ideas.

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