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Decorative tiles were used initially in a practical way due to their functional characteristics. They were later used as designs and creative art pieces when Roman discovered how attractive and captivating these tiles were.

Additionally, they usually add a level of spice and flair to various homes.
Both the bathroom and kitchen splashback areas are central focus points and eyes naturally draw to these areas when someone walks into the room or standing in the sink area.

If you intend to make a good impression and also enhance the backsplashes in your bathroom and kitchen, then using decorative ceramic picture tiles is the best option.

A typical kitchen backsplash is a large area based above a hob and is a perfect location where decorative ceramic tiles can be installed. You can either choose a small or large design based on the space available.

There are aesthetic and practical benefits of tiling this area. The first one is that your kitchen would be protected from grease splatters, heat and moisture, and you will not have to be concerned with doing any kind of drywall repair or repainting due to the elements which cause damage to the area.

In addition to that, you do not have to use dull, plain tiles to cover this vital area, tiles mural with unique designs can be used to add a much-needed colour above your countertops. It is essential to get a design which you will find appealing for a long period since you use the kitchen frequently.

Decorative kitchen tiles are widely popular due to their attractive and adaptive characteristics; these tiles are commonly used in the kitchen and bathroom where black splashes are common instalments but are sometimes integrated into hallways, bedrooms and sometimes living rooms. The decorative tiles are easy to maintain, and there are several cleaning products which can be used to make them look new for a long period.

Decorative ceramic picture tiles add an elegant flair to any home setting; custom printed ceramic tiles can be used for this purpose, or they can be painted by hand. The tiles are durable, can improve the look of any space, and are very easy to maintain. The usage of these decorative tiles is common in the kitchen and bathroom, but the dynamic and stylish effect can also be replicated in other internal and external part of the home.

Decorative kitchen tiles murals are usually printed and then fired in a kiln; the firing would add permanence to the paints so that it would not wash, fade, rub off or even be affected by heat. If they are utilised as a splashback in kitchens, they are going to be prone to splashes of hot oil, liquids and foods. They will likewise withstand constant moisture in the bathroom and would last a lifetime if cared for properly.

The designs which can be gotten from these picture tiles are limited by your imaginations, and they are mostly handcrafted by artist or designers with fluidity and perfection. Their designs can range from cultural colours and shapes to ancient portrayals of animals and humankind. There are some which also follow a specific theme like decorative kitchen tiles murals. Then others are blank which can be painted by homeowners to match their taste and style.

Creative individuals who are looking to use decorative ceramic picture tiles will be able to find and purchase tiles at a low and affordable cost.  These tiles can then be made unique by the application of remarkable design trend based on the location. Ceramic decorative tiles are exceptionally durable having been used successfully throughout ancient Rome. It is perfect for areas with high traffic because of its beauty, strength and resistance. It’s also worth noting that using ceramic tiles just for decorative purposes has been for many years seen as a displays of wealth and power in society.

Using decorative tiles for bathrooms and kitchens is all well and good. Although for larger homes, especially at the main entrance, using decorative tiles as floor tiles can make the entrance to your home a timeless and bold piece. This is one instance where decorative tiles are well and truly just for decorative purposes. Whilst yes, decorative ceramic picture tiles are easy to clean and maintain, so are wooden floors and large rugs. Decorative floor tiles therefore are meant as centre pieces for the home.

Traditionally, ceramic tiles being used as floor tiles was a statement of wealth usually seen in mansions, temples, churches and museums. To this day, modern built places of worship will used decorative picture tiles as a means of encompassing the spiritual beliefs into a geometric image to define the area of worship.

Whilst ceilings of castles and churches were hand painted, walls covered with portraits and paintings, the floor could not be overlooked. Geometric designs usually reflecting the cultural and spiritual styles of the country or continent the building is based in have made an impression on worshippers as well as tourists for many years.

Although many average British home would not have the space for a large image printed on ceramic tiles and laid on the floor, inspiration can be taken. Many castles and churches use geometric patterns and repeating patterns which could easily fit as a decorative boarder around skirting boards or up the side of stairs.

So there’s one use for decorative image tiles; the floor. How about outdoor image tiles though? Perhaps not the most usual of choices, it makes perfect sense for ceramic decorative tiles to be used outside. The durability of ceramic and simplicity of it being installed makes it the perfect material for outdoor decorative pieces.

Ceramic is known to withstand seriously high and low temperatures without fading or cracking. Ceramic will also not fade with the sun or rain and is a great way of preventing damp entering the home and protecting the brick underneath. In the UK countryside homes, cottages and farms are adorned with simple yet striking single ceramic tiles as their house numbers and names.

These decorative tiles usually come with hand painted images of wildlife and flowers typical of the area. In fact, all across Europe decorative ceramic tiles are a common site in large family countryside homes.

Moving away from traditional picturesque cottages to sky high apartments and luxury hotels, decorative tiles can usually be spotted at the bottom of outdoor and indoor swimming pools and luxury spas and bathrooms. Usually depicting themes of the ocean, freedom and aquatic wildlife, decorative ceramic tiles for swimming pools are a beautiful statement piece that scream luxury.

Image ceramic tiles have a hidden agenda when used in spas also. Usually colours in warmer tones, those that would perhaps compliment candlelight and calm floral imagery; they’re supposed to inspire feelings of peace and serenity, creating an underlying layer of calm during treatment. For many businesses, inspiring positive feelings in clients is a must.

Whilst most marketing specialist will talk of colours palettes on furniture and putting up the right paintings and posters, many will miss out mentioning the power of image ceramic tiles. Many luxury accommodation providers as well as spas and rehabilitation centres will use calming imagery on ceramic tiles as a way of setting the mood and scene of the place.

Decorative Moroccan tiles can make some brilliant pieces in odd places in your home. Due to their geometric nature and versatile shaping, they don’t always have to be presented as a large wall or floor piece. In fact, decorative Moroccan tiles look fantastic as smaller pieces in less obvious places of your home. This could include places such as the front of each step of the stairs or surrounding a fireplaces or mantle area. Although usually associated with the colour blue, decorative Moroccan tiles are just as equally beautiful in deep reds, browns and oranges.

Similarly to Chinese and Danish ceramic pottery, Moroccan designs can be seen on ceramic dishes, usually hand painted to give an individual flare. When used in a kitchen, a matching decorative Moroccan tile kitchen splashback paired with large display dishes and teapots can make even the smallest of kitchens look organised and well kept.

Looking for more unusual places to put decorative ceramic tiles? In theory, ceramic tiles can be put anywhere in and around a home. Many interior design outlets and designers will have set ideas of where and how to used image ceramic tiles for purpose of decoration but technically there are no rules to go against that.

How about home bars and breakfast tables? Decorative ceramic tiles don’t always have to be printed matte. A more expensive option would be a metallic print on ceramic tiles which would compliment modern LED bar lights. As for breakfast bars, they could easily be made to match a kitchen splashbacks.


Doorways and archways can easily be adorned with decorative ceramic wall tiles as a way to set a theme for the given room or perhaps add a little fun to an otherwise simple and sleek design. Outdoor entrances (such as different sections of a back garden or entrance to a front garden from the road) can easily make any house standout from the neighbours by simply using decorative ceramics. Thousands of European countryside homes can’t be wrong, can they?

Money is a big factor in choosing decorative ceramic tiles. Different colours, creation processes, images and quality can be the difference between splashing out all your savings and spending a few pennies.

The most expensive of pieces will always be hand painted and custom designed. Although that doesn’t mean a budget household can’t have such a luxury. The key lies in designing a few striking ceramic tiles and outlining them with mass produced decorative ceramic tiles that have less detail on them. This is a way of drawing in attention on the central, more expensive piece and making it appear bigger and bolder.

When it comes to buying mass produced decorative ceramic tiles, it shouldn’t be considered as something bad or even cheap. Due to advances in technology and automation of producing imagery on ceramic tiles, high quality is no longer a costly thing. It simply means processes have become cheaper therefore creating a knock-on effect and making ceramic tiles cheaper for the customers.

As demand for decorative bathroom tiles grows, so does the amount of mass-produced designs. Chances are, if you decide to go for a large scale produced designed you probably won’t find another home in your friendship circle to have those exact same tiles. The internet is very much responsible for giving us choice. And choice is exactly what you will get when buying from UniqueTiles. All our stockists are hand picked by us and chosen based on quality, reliability and design.

Although we would like to cater to everyone who visits our website, we simply cannot guess each and individual desire of all potential customers. This is why we have made it easy for you to contact us and let us know what you are looking for. If you would like a professionally opinion, why not send us a few pictures of your space or the look you’re trying to achieve and see just what we are capable of.


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