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Excellent customer service and satisfaction is our top priority at unique tiles. Due to shipping products all over the United Kingdom and Internationally to many diverse places aboard and each of our products and projects being truly unique, we don’t have a physical showroom.
However, this doesn’t mean we don’t offer you on-hand, helpful and professional support and answers to your questions.


Here are some of purchasing considerations and questions you should ask- and get answered! – before you commit to buying tiles.

The most common choice for tile, are square tiles and they are available in several different sizes.

10 x 10 cm (4″ x 4″) | 10 x 20 cm (4″ x 8″) | 10 x 30 cm (4″ x 12″)

15 x 15 cm (6″ x 6″) | 20 x 20 cm (8″ x 8″) | 30 x 30 cm (12″ x 12″)

20 x 60 cm (8″ x 24″) | 7,5 x 15 cm (3″ x 6″ ) | 20 x 25 cm ( 8″ x 10″ )

20 x 30 cm ( 8″ x 12″ ) | 15 x 40 cm ( 6″ x 16″ ) | 20 x 40 cm (8″ x 16″ )

25 x 40 cm ( 10″ x 16″ ) | 25 x 50 cm ( 10″ x 20″ ) 33 x 25 cm (13″ x 10″ )

30 x 60 cm (12″ x 24″) 60 x 60 cm (24″ x 24″)

| Hexagon | Metro | Mosaic

+ Custom Sizes

You will no doubt know what you want the tiles for; the next step is checking that the tiles are suitable for their planned usage. Some tiles are better suited for walls rather than floors, or tailored more for outdoor instead of indoor usage, while others are more appropriate for wet areas in kitchens and bathrooms, countertops or large scale commercial projects in public areas.

Using a PEI rating can help you match the type of tile to the intended usage, factoring in functionality, safety and practicality. The PEI scale signifies how hard a tile is, with ratings running from 0 to 5 separate different types of tiles into 6 groups. Those in Group 5 are the most durable and strong.  We outline the PEI rating of tiles on the accompanying paperwork. The PEI scale are as follows:

Group 0: These tiles are considered to be unsafe for floors but can make good wall tiles.

Group 1/PEI 1: These tiles are ideal for indoor commercial and domestic walls. Where rooms are walked on with bare feet, socks or ‘soft’ footwear, or where shoes are not often used, these tiles work well. An example location is bathrooms in homes or other areas where the volume of feet is likely to be low!

Group 2/PEI II: Tailored more for a ‘normal’ residential flow of feet, these tiles cater for areas that experience soft soled or ‘normal’ footwear with only little amounts of scratching dirt. Therefore, tiles in this category are best avoided when looking to tile kitchens, stairs and entrance halls that endure heavy traffic.

Group 3/PEI 3: Though we don’t advise using these for commercial entrance halls, these tiles are safe to use for all residential and light commercial areas. These include reception areas interior walls, countertops, home bathroom floors, offices and boutique shops

Group 4/PEI 4: These tiles can handle ‘regular’ traffic so for medium commercial use, such as hotels and restaurants and light institutional use, like hospital lobbies and school corridors, we’d recommend this category of tiles.

What tile style you choose hugely impacts your home’s looks and feel and, subsequently your mood when you walk into the tiled room. Being unique means we’re flexible. Your design can be anything you want it to be. Simply send us over a picture/design that you like and we’ll print your custom design onto tiles.

We accept a variety of file formats to make it easy for you to deliver/send photos to us. You have the option of choosing multiple pictures for one mural or featuring photos of a range of sizes, enlarging or shrinking them as you see fit, with us being on-hand to advise on how to preserve the quality of the image once it’s transferred onto tiles. See our ordering and shipping  F&Qs for more info.

Only you know what your tastes are so make sure you choose carefully. No design is too ‘odd’ or ‘niche’!

Don’t forget you can always order a sample of the tile before purchasing a whole batch. If you don’t like any designs on our website we invite you to email your ideas to so we can gauge more of what you’re after.

Part of knowing what you want to do with your tiles is knowing how big you need them to be and how many you require. Most custom tiles that are meant for walls are 15 centimetres’ square each, but you can choose from a variety of different sizes from us. The strength of your wall might influence your decision when choosing tile sizes.

We recommend ordering a few more tiles for the mural than you need just in case the rare event happens that one should get broken or damaged in the shipping process, though we gladly replace any tiles damaged during shipping.

You want your room, whether it’s the bathroom or kitchen, to be well co-ordinated for a stylish finish. We welcome any custom colours, just as we invite you to send us your unique designs. Send us a photo of the colour of the rest of the walls in your room that you intended to install a mural in and we’ll match your tiles/design to this colour so you have an evenly designed overall room.

We know you want your tiles, especially if they are unique tiles designed personally by yourself, to be a legacy in your home and to withstand the test of time. The finish on our tiles lasts well over 25+ years helping to fulfil this desire for durable tiles.

We have years of expertise and a variety of creative techniques at our disposal. If you can imagine it, we can recreate it in long-lasting and dramatic custom printed wall tiles. We have valuable relationships with skilled and experienced architects, designers, specifiers and private clients in our arsenal and collaborate closely with them to bring you enduring, bespoke tiles of the highest first-class standard.

With our unique designs being ones conjured from the minds of our clients, we don’t have regular showrooms showcasing stock designs – we wouldn’t be unique if we did. Instead, you can view our gallery to get inspired with your designs, browse our social media for ideas, inspiration and examples of our work or visit our Visualization Service page to get a clear idea of how we operate and bring your tailored tile designs to life.

Though visitors to our website can’t purchase tiles and products from our website due to each project and order that we undertake to be unique, you can browse our photo gallery for ideas and read up on the types of bespoke bathroom tiles and custom kitchen tiles we typically supply, to get a feel for what we could potentially offer you for your project.


We always aim to efficiently ship your orders, usually in about one – four weeks. We understand how precious your unique tiles, tailored to your tastes, are so they are always carefully packaged to prevent damage, and we have years of experience delivering tiles to customers.

In the rare event of shipping damage, we recommend that you keep the damaged tile and packaging. Simply contact us, and we will promptly send you new tiles at our expense and provide instructions.

Unfortunately, we do not offer an installation service as all our customers are located all over the country an even in various places abroad. We supply an easy to follow, clear grid-image of the way the tiles need to be installed, numbering the back of each tile, giving you scope to install your tiles yourself if you’re feeling confident.

Alternatively, you might opt to hire a professional tiler if you don’t have much experience with work of this nature. Whichever installation process you choose, our customer service professionals will be more than happy to answer any questions and resolve any concerns that you or your installer may have.


Most orders ship in about 14 days, however, please allow up to 28 days for your order to arrive. Orders are shipped through FedEx, UPS or ParcelForce.  If you prefer a different method, just let us know, and we will be happy to oblige.

To place an order, please visit our page: Order Tiles

Yes. We ship unique and bespoke tiles all over the country and to international destinations.

We believe uniqueness and originality are important concepts in your custom tiles creation. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just email us at: and let us know what design you’re looking for on your unique tiles.

For example: a Favourite View, Inspiring Photos of Kids, Favourite Art Style, Grandchildren Drawing and Painting, Special Memorials…. anything you can imagine we can create!

Yes! We can enlarge your photo or art and make into a variety of sizes and shapes. We can even help you figure out what sizes would look best in your space if needed. We can accept all major file types to print on tiles including: TIFF, RAW, JPG, JPEG, PSD, PDF.

Yes. We want to make sure you know exactly what you are getting when you order. By sending a sample tile, you will see the actual colours of the image on the tile type that you ordered. The sample tile makes sure there are no surprises!

Yes, anything you can imagine we can make. For instance, we can make one scene with a dozen different photographs; however, some extra graphics charges will apply, depending on how much time it takes to create your desired design.

Not at all! All we do with the photo you provide is scan it. If you already have a high resolution picture on your computer, we will be happy to use that too. Photos on CD/DVD can also be used.

If your tiles are damaged during shipping, email us at within 5 – 10 business days and we will ship you a new one at our expense. You must keep the damaged tiles or stones and packaging so that it can be inspected by the shipping company.

We will send you an invoice via email and accept payment by credit or debit card or bank transfer.

Shipping costs are determined by the weight, quantity and destination of product.

Our website is very informative and our talented customer service team are extremely knowledgeable and experienced- there’s very few problems that they haven’t come across before, so they are more than qualified and will always be able to help you with your query, whatever it may be.

We understand how much trust you put in us when ordering bespoke tiles that you have invested time, energy and effort into designing for your home or property.

That is why, to help your customer experience with us, we have provided answers to common questions asked regarding how to order, what type of photos we accept, how we work, our returns policy and how best to care for, clean and maintain the products you are buying from us. We also cover what you should consider before your purchase tiles from us including taking size, design and suitability for intended use into account.

The video below should also provide a great example of how to go about creating your custom made tiles with us.



To ask the questions you want and get the answers you need, contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team.

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