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Kitchen tiles provide an easy way to craft a customised kitchen for your home.

By combining your personality and style preferences with the decorative features of the unique tiles, your kitchen will become a beautiful and timeless room in your home. By combining your personality and style preferences with the decorative features of bespoke tiles, your bespoke kitchen will become a beautiful and timeless room in your home. Unique Tiles brings the kitchen of your dreams to life with custom bespoke kitchen tiles designed by you and crafted by our artisans. At UniqueTiles, we’ll work with you to bring your ideas from conception to reality.

The Importance of Kitchens in Our Homes

Throughout history, from ancient times to the 21st century, cooking areas and kitchens have been the focal point of home life. Over time, the kitchen maintained its importance in the home but was often separated from the main living areas as a place of heat and soot, with all the messiness of cooking. Kitchens offered no beauty or value to the home.

These days, kitchens have again become the central hub of the home for families, as well as a place to socialise with friends. Due to the importance of kitchens, many people choose to renovate and even build new kitchens for their homes. Unique tiles have become a popular choice when it comes to building a new kitchen or updating an older kitchen.

Things to Consider Before Designing with Bespoke Kitchen Tiles

Current trends in kitchen design include an abundance of colour, geometric or organic designs, and more. How can these design elements fit into your kitchen with bespoke tiles? You’ll first need to consider your kitchen’s layout; is your kitchen in one room or does it share open space with your living room or dining area?

If your kitchen is in its own space, then you have more freedom to decorate in any colour and unique tile design you prefer. However, if your kitchen has an open floor plan and shares space with another room, then it’s best to create design elements that blend the rooms.

For instance, you might need to consider a colour motif that can be used in both your kitchen and living room and dining area.  The goal is to have the open space between rooms flow smoothly from room to room, not be cut up by completely different colours and other style elements.

Traditional Kitchens

Traditional kitchens feature architectural elements such as mouldings, arches, raised-panel cabinets, and more. Details are of the utmost importance in a traditional kitchen. These kitchens borrow stylistic designs from the past, incorporating them into a more modern design, which makes custom crafted tiles a welcome design element.

Bespoke kitchen tiles in a traditional kitchen might be used on the backsplash, an area of the wall located above the countertop and below the upper cabinets. You could efficiently use a traditional design for custom tiles—maybe something such as a herringbone design done in neutral shades of beige and tan to match the curtains or flooring, or to contrast with the countertop.  The possibilities are unlimited when you work with UniqueTiles.

In a country kitchen, you might consider using bespoke tiles in a low backsplash that follows the countertop around the room. The design could be simple—such square tiles are done in colours of brick—both red and tan, alternating with a row of red brick tiles, then a row of tan brick custom tiles, set on edge, to create a border just above the countertop. You could also add a matching decorative bespoke tile inset above your stove.

Contemporary kitchens generally feature cutting-edge appliances, concrete countertops and more. The modern kitchen offers practicality and simplicity, with functional, sleek appliances and hardware for cabinets and drawers. You won’t find the avocado appliances from the 1950s in a contemporary kitchen. Instead, you’ll find stylish appliances with sleek designs. Steel, chrome, concrete and natural elements are also part of modern kitchen design. Some contemporary kitchens may also include an open floor plan, with the kitchen connected to other spaces, such as the living or dining area.


Unique tiles can easily be used in contemporary bespoke kitchen designs. Mosaics or murals, made from custom tiles, can be used on the wall above the stove or incorporated into a neutral splashback. You might choose to create a personalised mosaic, such as a garden scene, to cover the lower border of the splashback all around your kitchen. Your design options are limitless when incorporating bespoke tiles into your kitchen’s design.

Bespoke Kitchen Tile Ideas

With UniqueTiles, your imagination is the only limit to the beautiful kitchen you can create. Here are additional ideas on what you can use to design a personalised kitchen with custom tiles.

With bespoke kitchen tiles, you can use a favourite photo or image to create an artistic touch in your kitchen, no matter what the style. You might choose to use a brightly coloured picture of your favourite fruit or fruits—such as a photo of red and green apples. Or you can bring the ocean or sea into your kitchen by using a beautiful beach and shoreline image.

Don’t be afraid to bring a touch of whimsy to your kitchen with unique kitchen tiles. You could use images of butterflies, in pastel colours, randomly interspersed on bespoke tiles with a neutral background of white or cream. Bespoke kitchen tiles can also be used to create dramatic geometric designs along the backsplash and over the stove. At UniqueTiles, we’ll work with you to bring your ideas from conception to reality.

UniqueTiles Offers Quality Bespoke Kitchen Tiles

When you work with UniqueTiles, you can be assured that our bespoke kitchen tiles are of the highest quality. Our tiles come with a 25-year warranty; our tiles are durable and stand the test of time.

If you can imagine it, we can bring the kitchen of your dreams from conception to reality with our beautifully crafted bespoke kitchen tiles.

Our designers will work with you to create the kitchen of your dreams, built with tiles created uniquely for you. UniqueTiles provides you with free design consultations and a free visualisation service.

We take your image and kitchen dimensions and ask you to specify where the design will be placed. From there, we use this information to create a visual of how your finished kitchen will look. We’ll then send you the presentation as an email attachment, and you’ll get to see the finished product before it even begins. You can also request a sample tile to see the actual design and colours on your tiles. We’ll work with you to bring your dream kitchen to life in living colour with our bespoke kitchen unique tiles.

Our tiles are easy to install—you can do it yourself or hire a professional tiler.  Each tile is numbered on the front, so all you have to do is find where the tile is located on the grid and install the tile in the corresponding position in your kitchen.

Our customer service representatives are happy to answer any questions you may have, or resolve any concerns that may come throughout the entire process of ordering your unique kitchen tiles. Our goal is to bring your dream kitchen from conception to reality. You’ll have a beautiful, unique kitchen space, a luxurious, stunning space to rest and refresh.

Making Custom Patterned Tiles A Priority

For a professional, the different kinds of patterned tiles are among the hottest trends when it comes to interior design. Regardless of whether you visit a restaurant, hotel, nightclub or representative foyer, you will come across different kinds of custom patterned tiles facades and exterior cladding which would set the style for a unique design expression. There are many benefits which custom patterned tiles have, and this is why you should consider using it for your next project.

Regardless of whether the project which you are doing is large or small, durability is an essential factor for the clientele. In addition to that, the current trends reveal many appearances as well as exterior cladding projects is making use of custom patterned tiles for designing their project. Many large-scale projects make use of large tile pieces to lay their surface because of the pattern. When you make use of custom patterned tiles, the cost-effectiveness of the material will provide benefit and the maintenance will be easy, and the style will also be of benefits. In addition to that, custom patterned tiles can also add to the durability of the project by repelling water attribute as well as stain resistant nature.

One of the major considerations in any design element is the back story, and whenever you are setting the atmosphere of a project, custom patterned tiles can be a unique and sophisticated avenue. Richly glazed tiles which are brightly coloured can make a building unique among the rest. In addition to that, unique patterns can also off-set one colour from another with such coloured tiles and also create a focal point of the room.

In addition to the quality and durability which has been discussed earlier, there is also a sharp distinction between the surface tiles and a simple paints or wall coverings. The unlimited possibilities which are found in the realms of texture and depth are also inspiring. Multi-dimensional surfacing, abstract patterns as well as a sleek chic-ness are some of the current trends in the world of custom patterned tiles. Regardless of the kind of project, custom patterned tiles can ensure timeless character as well as identity in your work coupled with a lasting radiance which will be remembered for several years.

Here are tips for using custom patterned tile:

  1. For an area such as bathroom, you should consider using a custom patterned tile which has a slip-resistant surface. The surface which is rugged, as well as the matte finish, will provide good slip-resistant qualities for use in an area which is wet; if an unglazed tiles is used in an environment where water is constantly used, you will need to clean it frequently because they can easily absorb oil as well as stains. There are various kinds of custom patterned tiles which can be used in wet and dry environments.
  2. If you intend to use a white or cream custom patterned tiles for your bathroom, it is crucial to use different colour grout such as blue because it will provide a more dramatic look to your bathroom.
  3. Ensure you apply sealers to grout lines in the areas where you have worn such as countertops; this is because sealers will preserve and also protect the grout colours.
  4. Make use of glazed patterned tiles for a floor surface which is stainproof, glazed patterned tiles are made the same way like the unglazed tile, but it undergoes an additional process. A glass layer would be applied and then subjected to tremendous heat in the kiln. This process liquefies the glass and also fuses it to the bisque. This glaze would offer several beautiful colours, designs, textures and also create a surface which is resistant to stain and wearable. Although most glazed patterned tiles are for light residential to medium commercial traffic uses, recent advancement in technology shows that patterned tiles which are durable and hard are used in most commercial applications.
  5. Custom patterned tiles create an exciting wall and floor accents, and you can place rectangular decorative sections in the middle of the wall to enhance the beauty. Custom patterned tiles can be of different kinds and can also be used in the kitchen, bathroom, floors and walls of the house.

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