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Printed Tiles With Your Own Design

Get high-resolution photographs or intricate art designs printed on ceramic or porcelain tiles. Create your own look for a shower, bath, kitchen or outdoor pool area. You can make it happen anywhere you like, and it will be incredibly beautiful to the required scale.

Digitally printed tiles use new technology that makes it easy. Anyone can create tiles and enjoy the uniqueness of a remarkable design trend. What is so exciting is that printing tiles is incredibly versatile. They offer the ability to enlarge and adjust the picture and design to fit any area. However, some image editing may be necessary to meet the specifications of your mural design.

When you’re ready to bring your vision to life, simply send or upload a photo, artwork, or design of what you would like to see on your tiles. We’ll take care of the rest, sending you your printed tiles ready for installation. A professional tiler can then install the tiles, following the detailed installation directions we provide. The tiles are numbered, ensuring they will always be positioned accurately.

printed wall tiles

Printed Tiles For Wall

We also have a range of printed wall tiles with your custom photographs. Once you decide which photo or design suits you, it can be printed to tile murals.

There are many examples of a finished product that set the style in our gallery. London’s Greenfield High School is a great example. Using the concept, they set the pace with many colourful and exciting wall spaces. Other examples include Ted Baker of London, and the Zürich City Council, to name but a few.

Over the years, many methods of transferring pictures onto tiles have developed. These required some adjustments to meet varying sizes for the final product. The industry experimented with direct and indirect techniques of application. The aim is to create consistency in the final production. Demonstrating equal proportion and colour reproduction.

The history of custom printed ceramic tiles goes back to before the industrial revolution. Of course, the painting was all hand done in the early days. This meant prices to match the intricate designs that were the result of such tedious work.

photo printed on ceramic tile
kitchen splashback printed tiles

Printed Floor Tiles

With the advent of computerisation, the ability to have a higher output rate has increased. It offers to match the highest quality and has given the industry a boost in design and flexibility. Taking a digital photo and transferring it to a floor porcelain surface is a leap in technology.

There is a saying in manufacturing that states, “Make more from less.” That is exactly what has happened in the digital printing of tiles realm. New developments in the digital technology arena have made it possible. Now we can produce stunning finished floor tiles from any photograph or design.

There is also a distinction between digital printing and surface UV cheap printing. In digital printing, the image is printed on the tile’s surface and fired in the kiln. This creates a much longer-lasting effect and is also waterproof. The ability to stretch or adjust the design to meet the required size of the finished product is unique. We DO NOT offer UV printing as it is not durable enough to make tiles – it is easy to scratch, and colours are fade.

The image size can be set to fit a small bath area or expanded on a grand scale, such as a wall at a swimming pool or recreational area.
This new format for producing wall tiles is sweeping the UK and other parts of the world. It opens the door to very stylish and contemporary areas. Custom printed floor tiles are perfect for homes, public places, commercial leisure centres, and businesses.

swimming pool printed tiles

Printing Tiles Service

Our designers will work with you to create the home of your dreams. It will then be built with tiles created uniquely for you. UniqueTiles provides you with free design consultations and a free visualisation service. 

We take your image and room dimensions and ask you to specify where the design will be placed. From there, we use this information to create a visual of how your finished room will look. We’ll then send you the presentation as an email attachment. You can review and see the finished product before it even begins. You can also request a sample tile to see the actual design and colours on your tiles. We’ll work with you to bring your dream home to life in living colour with our custom tiles printing service. 

Our tiles are easy to install—you can do it yourself or hire a professional tiler. 

  • We’ll send you a grid image showing the beautiful custom-printed-tiles
  • It creates an easy-to-follow map
  • Each tile is numbered on the back.
  • Simply find where the tile is located on the grid
  • Then install the tile in the corresponding position in your home.

Our customer service representatives are happy to answer any questions you may have. We resolve any concerns that may arise at any stage of ordering your printed tile. Our goal is to bring your dream decorative tiles from conception to reality. You’ll have a beautifully luxurious, unique space to rest and refresh.

spa tile mural
printed tile mural
printed tiles mural

Digitally Printed Ceramic Tiles

Create a brand-new look for any area. Custom made printed tile design are so unique. Create a new scene that totally changes the appearance of the room. People respond better to buildings or outdoor venues that have well-coordinated colours. It is possible to create incredible designs and areas of magnificent richness. All it takes is the implementation of a well-thought-through plan with these tiles. The result is exceptionally astounding and positive.

Commercial Projects

Leisure centers can be challenging to decorate. Each project has different sizes of area, layouts and cultural looks. It’s a sad fact that many people end up with catalogued generic designs. Even commercial designer rarely vary all that much. Most designers pick from similar colour palates. The layout of the area tends to be fairly limited too. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could come up with a true personality and visually appealing look for your entire buisness? 

The fixtures and fittings in each area are indeed dictated by necessity. But there’s no need for the flooring and walls to look the same in every place. Project designer will all have something in common, naturally. Yet that doesn’t mean they all have to look copied and pasted to deliver uniqueness.

Modern Homes

Sleek, modern homes are definitely in fashion at the moment. Granite countertops and lots of large format mirrors are on trend. Chrome taps and clean, sleek-looking baths and sinks are the order of the day. Spiling that look using simple, plain, pastel-coloured tiles seems a shame. Instead, why not opt for something striking and impressive? 

We can create the atmosphere you’re looking for, whether you’re looking for a landscape view overlooking modern cities or snow-capped Austrian mountains in your Kitchen. Pick a scene that you love and that both helps you relax and lets you feed on the positive energy. The water theme makes a lot of sense for the tiling printing in the bathroom, but it isn’t the only theme you can play with.

Tile printing has unlimited design options, catering to a variety of tastes. If you’re looking for something more unusual, consider a mountain theme. Scenes from Alaska woodland or Greenland can create a serene atmosphere in a master bedroom. The cool appearance and ‘back to nature’ tone of these scenes are perfect for a room designed for relaxation.

animal tile mural
bespoke shower tiles

Bathroom Printed Tiles

Tile printing are the latest trend for new bathrooms and renovations. With porcelain tile photo printing, you can personalise the design of a stunning, luxurious bathroom. It adds value to your home and creates a beautiful space for you and your family. Many of us view the bathroom in a practical way. It’s a place where we take care of our hygiene, and that’s about it.

A typical bathroom is usually decorated in a utilitarian fashion. A place where you go in and stay only as long as necessary. But what if your bathroom was designed in a more attractive manner? Making it a place to relax and recoup after a busy day. Unique Tiles can help you transform your utilitarian bathroom. Enjoy an oasis of calm and peace with beautiful, scratch resistant, bespoke printed tiles.


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