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Custom printed tiles are a fantastic way to personalise your swimming pool and lend an authentic air of luxury and elegance to your home and garden. With digitally printed swimming pool tiles, you can create any form of colour, pattern or effect in your pool. We will be with you every step of the way to make sure you are happy with your design, whether you want a clean and simple colour scheme or an alluring and artistic mural to draw attention to your bespoke pool tiles


UniqueTiles offers full customer service to help you design, visualise and bring the pool of your dreams to reality.

Personalised swimming pool tiles can be made into decorative waterline tiles, alluring wall or bottom mosaics or tile murals, and more. These tiles offer functionality as well as beauty. The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to what you can create with UniqueTiles. We’ll help you bring the pool of your dreams into reality.

Your satisfaction is our goal when helping you create the ultimate swimming pool with your design, or  personalised images. We provide a free consultation when it comes to designing your unique swimming pool tiles.


You can send your image directly to us through the contact form available on our site, along with your pool’s dimensions, where you’d like your design placed and what size of tiles you’d like to use. We accept a variety of file formats that you can send to us, including TIFF, RAW, JPG, JPEG, PSD. Your image can be enlarged, if necessary, and will retain its clarity and proportions.

After receiving your image, our professional designers will work with your design to achieve your vision. When it’s ready, we’ll email you with the design as an email attachment; then you can see how the design will potentially look. Not only that, but you can request a sample tile to see the actual colours and the image on the tile. We’ll work with you until the design is as incredible as your imagination.

Unique Pool Tiles

Have you considered using digitally printed tiles to personalise your pool? Many swimming pool tile companies offer you a selection of pre-designed tiles; however, UniqueTiles offers to help you create a bespoke, customised swimming pool with our digitally printed tiles.

You have unlimited options to create the pool of your dreams. Swimming pools, especially those built with unique swimming pool tiles, create a beautiful statement and add value to your home.

Have you considered using digitally printed photo tiles to personalise your pool?

Why Us?

Expert Professionals
We have 10 years of hands-on experience and are thoroughly familiar with every nuance in the design, manufacture and fitting of swimming pool tiles. Our team have developed the most effective and efficient methods of producing beautiful custom-designed swimming pool tiles. We combine design flair and the most up to date technology to produce beautiful and long-lasting tiles from our factory in Somerset.

It is now easy and straightforward to get the swimming pool design of your dreams. You don’t need to be an expert to achieve luxurious and high-quality tile design, because we take the guesswork, stress and hassle out of the design process for you. We offer a streamlined and simplified approach to getting you the beautiful swimming pool tiles that you are looking for.
Our expert team are here to help you through the whole journey. We can take your initial conceptual ideas and turn them into fully worked up designs. We can advise on the best size and quality of tiles to use, and we can manufacture and despatch them to you quickly and efficiently. We are used to working with your architect or designer and your swimming pool or building contractor too.


Then look for inspiration for swimming pools with unique tile and designs. It may be helpful to review swimming pool and travel sites online, including pool designs on sites such as Pinterest and Instagram.

Other sources of inspiration may be literally at your fingertips. Your favourite photos and images, works of art and more can be designed into customised and unique swimming pool tiles. Digitally printed pool tiles can be made into delightful mosaics, murals, avant-garde designs, symmetrical or asymmetrical motifs and large swimming pool tiles.

The tiles are anti-slip, so are best used for the wall and bottom areas of your swimming pool. Our custom printed pool tiles come with a 25-year warranty!

We offer our pool tiles in the following dimensions:

10 x 10cm / 4″x 4″
10 x 20cm / 4″ x 8″
10 x 30cm /4″ x 12″
15 x 15cm / 6″ x 6″
20 x 20cm / 8″ x 8″
30 x 30cm / 12″ x 12″


Just imagine the pool of your dreams in your back garden, what is the type of environment that you envisage? Do you prefer a modern setting? A natural one? A more classic style? Would you prefer a contemporary and straightforward colour scheme? Or an eye-catching underwater mural that can bring out your personality? With unique tiles, custom swimming pool mural tiles, all of this can become a reality, particular thanks to our helpful visualisation process.

We provide each one of our customers with a custom tiles visualisation process. This gives you the unique opportunity to take a sneak peek at your custom pool design before it is even finished. This allows us to create a personalised plan specific to you and your pool.

These unique pool tiles are customised onto porcelain body, which is then glazed, and kiln fired. Your personalised image is then permanently attached to your tile. Her at Unique Tiles, your wishes are our priority, and that is precisely why we are more than happy to work with designers, architects, specifiers, to create the pool of your dreams for you.

This dream and personalised swimming pool is the perfect place for you to wind down and enjoy time with your family and friends, in the relaxing ambience that this personalised swimming pool environment creates. Our tiles are built to last for a lifetime, meaning you can have the peace of mind, knowing you are getting years of lasting beauty with these custom swimming pool tiles. These digitally designed tiles are the key to building the swimming pool of your dreams.

Browse Our Unique Range Of Designs

If you aren’t sure about precisely the kind of design that you would like, that is no problem whatsoever! That means that you can check out websites like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to find the inspiration that you need to spark your creativity and ultimately decide on the personalised design that you would like for your swimming pool.

Other sources of inspiration are widely available to you, and it may be your favourite photographs or images, your work of art perhaps, or anything at all, can be customised and designed to be placed on your swimming pool mosaic tiles. Delightful mosaics, murals or Avante-Garden designs, symmetrical or asymmetrical motifs and large swimming pool tiles are available when you choose us.  

Find the perfect image or design for your next creative swimming pool tiles project:


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Please complete the form, including your name, contact details and the picture you would like. Our talented team of designers will get right back to you, with a preview of your digital swimming pool tiles. From there, you can decide whether you would like us to send you a sample tile, so you can get a precise feel for exactly how the tiles would look and feel.

Fill in the form below, to begin your journey to the swimming pool of your dreams.

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