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Tile Art offers an expansive range of ceramic tile art catering to even the most discerning tastes. If you want the best artistic piece to add to your collection, visit our shop. Our beautiful painted tiles are carefully crafted to provide the best possible result. Whether you want a piece to hang on your wall or a statement item to display in a prominent public area, our Art Tiles will impress.

With various styles and images, you may also find the perfect image that speaks to your artistic side. Our every tile is kiln fire, guaranteeing it will last for decades. Check out our custom-printed tiles category to experience the best tile art that money might cost.

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Art tiles have been the definition of unique households for many centuries. They have evolved from a product for aristocracy and royalty to an accessible form of interior design available to anyone with any budget.

Art tiles differ from ceramic or delft tiles because of their lack of definition. Historically, countries have had different patterns and paintings hand-painted onto ceramic tiles to show their culture, religion, or wealth.

Ceramic wall tile art, however, has a broader definition, meaning there is no one way they must be. Art tiles are not defined by factors such as culture or religion but rather by each individual and their unique idea of individuality and uniqueness.

Art details printed on a ceramic tile serve no function; rather, it is just an expression of oneself, and the fact that ceramic is so functional is just a bonus with tile décor.

Art Deco Designs

Art Deco designs have been used for a long time, mainly for decoration. They are included in architecture, pottery, jewellery, silverware, and furniture and have also been adopted by ceramic tile makers, where they have had the most significant effect.

Most people usually associate the Art Deco style with unique beauty and use it to produce tiles that can beautify their homes.

The Art Deco style combines many movements, such as Art Nouveau, Modernism, Cubism, Constructivism, and Neoclassicism. It combines shape and colour with eye-catching geometry offset by swirls and curves.

Some believe the movement started during the 1925 International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts shows in Paris, while others think it began around 1910.

However, the more significant interest is that some art historians argue that King Tutan Khamun’s tomb displays art deco designs.

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Art tiles

Influence on Art Tile Interior and Exterior Design

Art tiles profoundly impact interior and exterior design, infusing spaces with a captivating blend of culture, creativity, and craftsmanship. Each tile is an Artwork meticulously crafted to adorn surfaces and tell unique stories, evoke deep emotions, and reflect the personalities of the spaces they inhabit. 

The installation process is straightforward. Our tiles are designed for easy application and maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Interior spaces, once blank canvases, now showcase a symphony of artistry through meticulously curated tiles. Decorative tile Art transforms walls, floors, and even swimming pools from serene botanical motifs to abstract expressions of emotion.

The steps in creating Tile Art home include the following:


A small quantity of colour is used along with Art on tile designs and geometric shapes. The major schemes used include red with black, green with black, white with black and sometimes just black.

There is an emphasis on chrome and gold, while soft grey and pastel blues produce a moderate touch.


Marble or ceramic floors in black or white are typical examples of Art Deco Floors. Chessboards or black-and-white tiles have also been common on floors from this era.

Rugs are used in neutral or deep colours of black, grey and brown designs and patterns. Especially flowers also show tile art designs on the floor of the house. These art deco designs can also be used on the house’s walls to make it attractive.

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Dare to Be Different with the Pop Art Tiles Collection

If you want to create something unique for your home, Different Pop Art tile designs will get noticed and get people talking. Give old-world designs a modern twist with various tile collections comprising field tiles, half tiles, and two stylish mouldings.

Each collection of tiles is available in ten bright gloss palettes of colours. It is perfect for mixing and matching and building bold effects. The single blocks of colour can be combined with the pop art tiles to create a robust modern style.

Field Tiles Collection

The field tiles collection is glossy, and smooth tiles of various sizes are perfect for creating stunning effects. It is crucial to use contrasting colours in large blocks on whole walls or to create custom patterns or shapes.

There is no reason to stick to a boring neutral colour when you have the entire colour of Pop Art to choose from.

Funkadelic Collection

The beauty of this kind of collection is that with the circle in relief, the pattern can be repeated across an expanse of walls. The broad range of available colours has been in use for a long time. Particularly evocative of the 70s vibe are Tequila tango colours and the Psychedelic.

Groovy Stripe Collection

This type of stripe looks fab and can be used horizontally or vertically, adding an extra dimension to blocks of Pop Art colour. This versatile collection would also fit perfectly into any minimalistic or modern décor.

Reptile Collection

Like other Pop Art designs, the reptile is home in a funky bar or café. This range’s textured surface looks attractive in a block of contrasting colour, thereby creating a focal point on your kitchen, bathroom, or exterior walls.

Vertex Collection

Regardless of your point of view, the pattern within the Vertex is an optical illusion that draws the eye into its depth and adds unique interest to the room’s design.

You can also create a chequerboard effect with contrasting white and black tiles. This will look attractive, and other designs which can be incorporated include random borders or patterns.

These Pop Art Tiles can be utilized perfectly in residential and commercial settings, from kitchens and bathrooms to cafes and bars. However, it is crucial to vary these designs. You can also contact your tile manufacturer to see different kinds of ceramic wall art tiles that can beautify your surroundings.

Tiles art in bathroom

Grace Your Bathroom with Elegant Ceramic Wall Art Tiles

We have encountered several bathrooms with different tile designs to create a specific theme for the home. We have seen ceramic wall art tiles in Art Deco and Victorian designs for those vintage-type bathrooms or even modern styles for a more futuristic flavour.

However, white tiles are the most basic of all bathroom designs, and with a little planning, the colour can be used for any bathroom theme.

Steps in Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Tile

Whether you choose sophisticated sandstone or pretty porcelain, the layout of your bathroom floor can either make or break the whole design. When selecting the colour, choose one that is timeless and durable because some colours will look dated after some time.

If you aim to resell the property, it is advisable to choose a neutral colour for your floor tiles and avoid adding patterns so the buyer will be able to redesign it according to his or her taste.

Create Character

A bathroom with character is a great addition to a period home. Printed ceramic tiles are perfect for an inspired art deco water closet, while slate will suit a country cottage or farmhouse.

You can also choose pink porcelain floor tiles and dress the walls with floral patterns. Choose a dark and leafy colour for tiles adorning Victorian bathrooms to get a genuine feeling. However, it is crucial to keep your tiling to a minimum, for instance, around the bath or shower, and paint the other part of the room to create a lighter tone.

Modern Masterpiece

You can choose two different colours whenever you want to design your bathroom. With tile murals, you can create a luxury space in a boutique hotel that won’t look out of place.

If you do not want to use only white, add a pop of colour with bright towels and window dressings. You can also define the sink and shower space with different coloured tiles if you plan a wet room or create a border around each area with thin tiles with contrasting colours.

American White Pelican Vintage Antique Bird Print on tiles

Final Thoughts on Tiles Art

So, the question remains: Where do you discover unique and fun art tiles that guarantee quality and long-lasting effects? Here at Unique Tiles, of course!

Each of the designs you see on every page of our website is handpicked for their quality, creative designs, and affordability for our customers. Decorating your home with something as permanent as ceramic wall art tiles is a decision you don’t get to make twice, and we are dedicated to making sure you are 100% happy with your choice at the right price.

If you cannot find the exact product you’re looking for in our stock or have any queries regarding particular tile design photos featured on our website, please feel free to contact us without hesitation.

We take pride in servicing our community, and we know everything there is to know about every ceramic wall art tile we work with and sell.


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