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Reinvent your home with the use of three dimensional tiles.

Creating your own home is no easy task. It involves a lot of forethought, insight, dedication and above all smart choices, to make your home look and feel great. Designing a home is a reflection of who somebody is as a person, a reflection of their tastes and their culture. Your home is a mirror to your own personality and you would only want the best things to be showcased there.

Everything that you put inside your home serves a purpose, starting from the furniture, upholstery to even the tiles. These constituents help you to achieve the mood and the ideal look that you are looking for in your home. Tiles are of great importance as they give a specific feel and style to your home and set a distinctive personality to it. Be it rustic, modern, contemporary or fun, it is the tiles that can make or break the overall personality of your home.

Innovative designs in the field of home decor are creating a huge market for the latest trends. Some of these trends are groundbreaking and give your home an enthralling appearance, post installation. One such innovative and groundbreaking design in the world of home decor is 3D tiles.

swimming pool shark 3d tiles

Imagine having walked into a room whose design creates a sense of continuous or unending pattern. Imagine being able to stand on top of a design that looks like a cliff but is actually a floor design, although attributed with all the qualities that a view of a cliff must possess.

This is what a wall tiles 3d effect tile is capable of achieving, of creating a three dimensional design on top of a two dimensional surface. 

3D wall and floor tiles or three dimensional ceramic wall tiles are one amongst the latest trends in home decor. They are ideal if you want to create a focal point in a specific room, or want to create a feature wall that is capable of awing people. They have matt or glossy finishes depending on your choice and can be installed anywhere.

3D effect printed tiles for kitchen, 3D wall tiles, 3D bathroom tiles, 3D flooring are all different variations of 3D effect tiles and as it can be seen, they are versatile to serve a variety of purposes.

One of the main advantages of a three dimensional ceramic tile is its sculptural aspects. Owing to this feature, a 3d ceramic wall tiles has the capability of turning an otherwise uninspired and flat surface into something that is visually appealing and accentuates the entire decoration of your home.

3D effect tiles have the ability to add splendour and interest into your home decor and hence are one of the most sought after home decor ideas in recent times.

funky tiles 3d for bathroom
3d floor tiles

Places where you should use a 3D tile

Three dimensional tiles have the capability of giving any surface a dramatic effect. This is made possible by their ability to add texture and create an illusion of movement in the places where they are installed.

They are intrinsically not flat surfaces as the name suggests, which further aids in letting light reflect on them in an irregular fashion, so as to create an interplay of light and shadow. This gives the surface a greater appearance of depth and creates an enthralling design.

Although 3D tiles for wall can be used on almost every surface, some tiles are not suitable for certain locations. To make things clearer, you wouldn’t want to use a 3D effect tile with a lot of crevices in your kitchen, owing to the oil and grease that might accumulate on them. Moreover, using a glossy 3D tile as a 3D flooring choice is also irrelevant, because they would end up making your floors slippery and dangerous to walk on.

Another important thing to keep in mind while choosing 3D tiles is that although one tile might look beautiful, it is important to consider whether an assortment of similar tiles would look just as mesmerizing after being installed on the desired surface. Therefore, it is important to choose your 3D tiles wisely for the intended setting. As has been mentioned above, it is wise choices that make your home look more beautiful.

The process of making 3D tiles

Technology has progressed at a rapid pace and this has allowed the creation of innovative and trendy designs such as the 3D ceramic tiles. The traditional process of making a three dimensional tile involves the sculpting of wet clay into the desired shapes and designs and then being fired in a kiln.

The glossy reflective appearance of a 3D effect tiles is owing to a layer of glass which protects the three dimensional design. It is known as the glaze. In order for the glaze to completely adhere to the tile biscuit and become one with the entire structure, the layer of glass needs to be baked at a temperature which is higher than 900 Degrees Celsius.

In modern times, owing to the evolution of technology, it is easier to create custom tiles. Modern technology has made it capable of imbibing asymmetric designs, wavy profiles and 3D folds and ridges to the ceramic tiles with the use of equipment. This has resulted in the availability of a wide range of 3D tiles uk design options to choose from for the modern homeowner. They have the capability of giving an aesthetic feel to the entirety of your home and create a sense of long lasting uniqueness.

Advantages of using 3D ceramic tiles

Apart from the aesthetic qualities that 3D tiles impart to your home, there are also certain advantages of using them in your home decor. These advantages make this choice more worthwhile. Some of these advantages have been enumerated below:

  • Durability- 3D ceramic tiles are highly durable. A good quality of 3D wall tiles, brought from a reputed store has been tested to have served the ravages of time and therefore proves to be an economical investment.
  • Shock Resistant- Owing to their sturdy build and high level of durability, they also possess shock resistant qualities.
  • Hypoallergenic- People with allergies can sometimes be affected by certain materials that have been used to decorate their homes. 3D bathroom tiles are exempt from such problems and are completely harmless to people with allergies.
  • Resistant to household chemicals- Aggressive chemicals are used for a number of household chores like cleaning and disinfecting. 3D porcelain-ceramic tiles are completely resistant to such chemicals and do not suffer any damage when such chemicals are applied on them.
  • Anti slip surface- If the proper 3D tiles are used for flooring, they have a matt finish surface which prevents you from accidents.
  • Resistant to UV radiation- UV radiation is harmful for both human beings and objects. 3D wall tiles are resistant to UV radiation, making them completely safe for installation in your home.
  • Fungi and Mold resistant- Fungi and Mold are enemies for the household and can create an unhealthy atmosphere for the people living in the house. 3D tiles are completely resistant to fungi and mould and do not allow them to form in the first place.
  • Waterproof- 3D ceramic or porcelain tiles are waterproof and do not suffer damages if water is applied to them.
3d tiles design

3d tiles are a bold and daring design technique that has gained huge popularity in recent times owing to its aesthetic and design qualities. It has the potential of changing the dynamicity of kitchen , bathroom or swimming pool. Owing to it being a new and daring choice, it is usually used in commercial spaces. However, if used correctly they have the capability of reinventing and redefining your home. They provide homeowners with potential options that are practically endless.

Owing to these qualities it is safe to say that 3D effect tiles are probably the best choice you can make for your home because they are here to stay.


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